Fun Day

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I’ve written many posts about granddaughters Joy, the cow girl, and Rita, the new mom.  However, I have two other granddaughters, and one of them, Hannah, is driving here from Mary Washington University after her class Monday night.

Hannah the oldest, is finishing a graduate degree in art education. Second oldest  granddaughter Amelia, left teaching high school environmental science, and is working elsewhere for a while.

Hannah’s visit will be a treat, for many reasons. Firstly, I haven’t seen her in a while because she’s awfully busy with her own life.  Secondly, when she visits, we generally make a trip downtown to one of the art museums. I will report back later in the week and let you know where we went. At present, I am thinking the Smithsonian’s National Gallery.


The May I turned 50, and David, Hannah, Amelia and I rode Amtrak to NYC for a long weekend.  For several decades, I made the trip no less than once a month. David traveled with me sometimes, but the girls, ages 12 and 14 had never been to NYC so this trip was special.

At my request, we spent my birthday at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens where the Bluebells were in bloom. I had seen blooming Bluebell woods before, most memorably one spring in the American Cemetery near Cambridge England. For me, there is no other flower so spectacular as Bluebells in spring.

The rest of our visit involved the Empire State Building and a Spiderman movie on a huge screen (perfect after a day traveling around NYC).

We rode the subway everywhere, noting the Art Deco mosaic mural station walls. We visited the MOMA, the Frick, Central Park, and many other sites as well.  I had found a family run small hotel just off Central Park, where we stayed. We had a grand time.

As we traveled home on Amtrak, I asked the girls, what they had enjoyed most. “The Subway” said Amelia.


Rita, Joy, Amelia and Hannah, 2014

21 thoughts on “Fun Day

  1. I was surprised to read about the bluebells; I thought they only grew in Britain.

    I’ve no idea why I thought that; insularity, I suppose.

    We had a ‘Bluebell Wood’ near my school and I often picked them and took them for my Nan.

    Enjoy the visit!

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  2. Thank you for coming to my blog. You are right, my posts are long, but on the other hand right now I only post once a month. Some of my blogging friends post once a week and some even more often, so it you placed all their posts into one it would be the same length as mine or even longer.
    How wonderful for you to have such happy and grown-up grand-daughters. The eldest of my 4 grandchildren is only 9 years old but I still stayed with two of them last summer in Alameda, CA, while they were in Chinese summer class. I am afraid I have to disagree with you about the NY subway. I find that it does not have enough escalators, and that it is way too loud, and not too clean, once you get out of the main stops. The Paris Metro is a lot quieter and the London Tube has more lights and is also quieter. My favorites are the Singapore metro and the St Petersburg (Russia) ones; both are super clean.

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      • I agree with you, I’d rather live in NYC than the other two towns, but I was speaking about the subway. As for declining attention, I agree with you also as I see so many little bookshops going out of business – people don’t like to read much anymore. I love to read, and if people don’t like to read my posts, that is OK too.


  3. My brother was an art teacher at a high school here. He was very lucky, because so many art majors would have loved to have his job. Good luck to Hannah. Lovely photos.


    • Uncle Sylvester was a high school art teacher. He also did beautiful art on the side. Daddy hired him to produce the handbills for our local horse show.

      Hannah has been making art and selling it. She has a BA in art from Madison University here in VA. Her new degree will be in art education. She has been substitute teaching, and loves the little kiddies best. She had a job offer as the art director for summer school in a local county, but chose instead to work closer to home in another job and concentrate on her M.A.


  4. Love the blue bells, the light through the trees, the browns, greens and blues.

    How fortunate you are to have four sweeties you have seen mature into wonderful young women. You have been truly blessed.

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    • My daughter was widowed when the girls were 0, 2,4 and 6. David and I, Connie’s father, and the paternal grandmother plus others in the City of Falls Church, pitched in to help, but Connie had them 24/7. She’s a wonderful mom and grand mom too.

      And it takes a village to to raise a child!


  5. When my children were young we lived in the Outer Hebrides, for them to go to the mainland and see traffic lights or a double decker bus was amazing. But trains! They were something special.

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