On the other hand


Sleeping Beauty and the Little Prince.  Will he be a southpaw?

After several weeks of working with my right arm, my physical therapist told me to add the exercises with my left arm. And now my right arm is better and my left arm is killing me.  My left arm had always been weaker after the stroke in 2004, when it was paralyzed for a while.  However, I thought everything had improved. But when I hurt my right shoulder, I discovered the left arm could not make up the difference. Grrrr


I can hold a Kindle, so lately, I’ve been reading Elizabeth Warren’s Fighting Chance. I first heard of Elizabeth in a graduate class I took on the History of the Corporation.  One of my fellow students, Liz, an African-American business economist who had worked for Proctor and Gamble, loves Elizabeth. And she hates P&G because she feels the corporation exploits people. She also thought the company was a lousy employer.

At the time, I retained some kindly feelings toward corporations from my tenure with the old Bell System (today, Verizon), so Liz and I argued a lot about corporate exploitation.  I have since come to believe Liz was right on many points…isn’t that often the way?

I’ll spare you the rant I could deliver at this point, and say that if you would like some insight into why so many people are so angry this election season, read Warren’s Fighting Chance as well as Listen Liberal: or what ever happened to the party of the people by Thomas Frank. (The PBS News Hour interviewed Frank last evening (7/14/16) so you can get the gist of his book from that interview.)


Gallium Trifolium, a weed considered noxious in the NE, has attacked our side yard.  I poured a dozen bottles of cheap vinegar over it, but it looks impervious.  If the vinegar doesn’t work, I will use Roundup next. I don’t like commercial sprays, however, this plant produces hundreds of little burs, and Johnny can’t stay out of the patch, which means every evening, I am pulling burs out of his fur. Somethings got to give. I’m in no humor to live with another noxious weed, so that plant is going down.

13 thoughts on “On the other hand

  1. What a sweet photo to be treasured! Glad you’re getting those arms going — sorry for the pain. Good that you do as much as you do. Glad you can enjoy the audio books — the ones you mention all sound interesting. I’ve been side-tracked on one I’m finishing and see this weekend will have to focus on my book club’s selection made a year ago before I was in the group. I’ve read it before but need to review — The Hours by Michael Cunningham. Violence in your system toward Gallium, I see! Maybe a gun would do the trick.

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  2. How fabulous to have a great-grandson, Dianne. He’s so sweet. I can’t wait to hold mine. Sigh. Vinegar doesn’t kill it? Wow! That’s one strong weed!


  3. Tired little Mama. Love the photo. I didn’t poison my lawn at my house pulled the dandelions but little tiny blue and white violets took over. Many consider them weeds here but I liked them a lot.

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    • The Dandelions and Violets rule here unless they get into the walkways, but they don’t have a chance with this horrible weed. When the USDA labels it noxious, it is. Perhaps I need a goat.

      Yes, Rita is tired, breast feeding at all hours, and baby Christopher is thriving. Connie says he has already outgrown the size ‘0-3’ months clothing, and he’s only a month old today. (Clever great-grandma bought 6 months size clothing.)

      I think he will be a big boy when daddy comes home in July.


    • Vinegar is more effective and you don’t have to heat it. Vinegar changes the PH and makes he spot very acidic. The vinegar I poured several days ago is finally having some effect. I’ll finish the job with my smoker…I.e. Burn it off slowly.


  4. Hard to get rid of weeds. We’ve passed our lawn over to the dandelion, rather than spray. I hate the look of those seed stalks, though they are not harmful!

    Good luck with the weeds with the burs.

    Sweet picure of the grands getting some sleep.

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  5. Corporations often do exploit their employees. Recently, a group of non-union workers filed a lawsuit against a major hotel here in Hawaii, claiming they weren’t being paid for work done.

    Cute photo of your granddaughter with her son.

    I told my yardman not to use poison on our weeds, because it is bad for the environment. I told him to pull out the weeds.

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