A few friends

Arabella 010

Arabella, South American Hahn’s Macaw. Bella is six.


Sweetpea, a SA Greencheek Conure bathing in the kitchen sink. Sweetie will be 11 in July.

Baby clip

Baby, an African Senegal somersault’s on my desk lamp. Baby will be 14 July 1.

nc 4 aug 2007 003

Dory, a African Red Belly. Dory is six.

nc 29 july 2007 004 copy

Jesse, a SA Monk Parakeet. Jesse is 13.

David and I voted today in our local county primary.  We were numbers 135 and 136 in our precinct.  Many younger people will vote this evening after work. Two of our African-American neighbors were working the voting area.

We try to make it to every election from county to national. Generally, there are huge lines in the national elections, and smaller ones in the Democrat primary where anyone from any party can vote.

Mostly, our community, where many neighbors from the LBGT community plus members of ethnic and religious groups, some flying flags from various parts of the world, live, is peaceful and calm. Today, it is very quiet and sad.

Andy, one of the cleaners who comes every two weeks is transgender and he and I both burst into tears today. He tells me he lost it on Sunday.  Andy is the fellow who wants to adopt Dory, although David and I have not been able to follow through on his offer.  Some day we will because we must because parrots live a very long time.


David had his eye exam yesterday and following advice on the receptionist desk, I informed his ophthalmologist that he is diabetic as well as the name of our GP, so he could send a report. (I think communication among and between doctors must be part of the new healthcare law.) Afterward, David was annoyed.

Why are you always telling people I’m diabetic, he says.

Don’t you want Doctor Lessin (our GP) to know you had a good visit? I asked. Don’t you remember Aunt Marge had diabetes and macular degeneration? Why keep secrets? It won’t change anything and it might make a difference.

16 thoughts on “A few friends

  1. Sometimes I can’t remember which hand is supposed to tell the other hand what to do. I recently had an eye examine. I’m very lucky that my diabetes has not affected my eyes except for some blurriness when it is too high. However, it is doing pretty good since my last check up. I tell or remind every med specialists so they will look for anything in their field that might be a problem related to diabetes. David needs to suck it up and admit that diabetes, like heart problems, etc. is one of those things we should monitor for the rest of our lives. Truth is, I wasn’t very good at this in the beginning, but since it doesn’t go away, you get better at it.

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  2. Glad you shared David’s conditions with the eye doc. I understand that diabetes can be seen in the eye. My eye doc takes a picture of the inside of my eye and shows me how healthy it is in comparison to those with diabetes, high cholesterol, and macular degeneration. It’s quite amazing to see how the eye can show all those diseases.

    I recently read a blog post by a woman whose husband doesn’t want anyone to know, including his own doctor, that he is having memory problems. I think doctors need to know it all if they are to help us stay healthy and well.

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  3. Yes, I am thrilled when they all communicate. I go in for bloodwork tomorrow morning.
    I like looking at your friends, but I hate having a hundred or so in the tree outside our bedroom doors.

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  4. I like my medical center, because my medical records are centralized. My doctors can communicate with each other online any time.

    We prefer to vote via absentee ballot rather than at the voting booth. Much easier for us.

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    • Our hospital center is getting there. In fact it’s one of the top 100 hospitals in the US and part of the Mayo Clinic network. (Both David and I have filled out much paperwork. David’s problem is “reporting” everything back to Dr. Lessin.) However, when you have diabetes, someone, often your GP must know everything going on with you.

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  5. You have such gorgeous bird friends. I can see how it would be so difficult to part with them.

    The horror of the Orlando tragedy is felt north of the border too. There are virgils all over Atlantic Canada for the victims, survivors and all families. Many people feel such solidarity with the LGBTQ community. There are good people in the world, in spite of so much evidence to the contrary.

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    • Thanks Marie. We are very fond of our feathered “kids.” Yes, we appreciate that hate crimes are occurring everywhere. And I agree with Obama, we do not condemn any group identity because someone claims to be a member of the group and acts horribly.


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