Big things and small

My PT suggests that I will probably be able to use my shoulder without surgery. More importantly the pain has subsided. True, I sleep with a Salonpas over the torn supraspinous ligament, one of the four ligaments that composes what lay people refer to as the “rotator cuff.” If you are really curious about this ligament, you can find much information on-line.

Basically, I can carry a watering can, and have a purse over my shoulder, two very important activities.


Okay, part of my good humor is associated with Hillary winning the nomination for the Democrat party.  I am aware some people think poorly of her, but I don’t.  I’ve followed her career from the time she was a staffer on the Hill and I love her.

Anyone who expects someone with no imperfections will become president is delusional. The best thing to do if you are undecided is look at her record and ask yourself if her politics align with yours. Or as someone told me once, does she vote the way you would? For me the answer is yes.

My mom was a staunch Democrat who worked in political campaigns and she influenced me tremendously although I was never as far left as she was. While Dad voted for Eisenhower, Nixon and Goldwater, Mom worked for Stevenson, JFK, and RFK. After voting Republican in National elections for the past eight years, I am returning to the fold. My grandfathers, both union members, are haunting me, as is David’s father who was president of his union.

Yesterday, I listened to an interview the BBC conducted with Tina Brown, former editor of The New Yorker, in which Tina said, younger women like Hillary when she reveals her inner bitch. You know, “in black with those sun glasses.”  I had to laugh because from what I’ve read Hillary wears the glasses for medical reasons, as I do. Ah well, people believe what they want to, don’t they?


For my FB friends, I am no longer there.  I accidentally disconnected myself yesterday, and then I thought, “with my political obsessions, migraines, neuropathy in my hands, and other issues, I need to eschew this addiction for a while.”  Plus, I am annoyed with FB policies.  I will continue to write posts for my blog.

Meanwhile, below are a few photos of grandchildren I acquired from FB (the reason I had the account in the first place).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Addenda:  Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), one of the most articulate and intelligent economists you could ever hope to meet calls DT a “racist bully” and he calls her Pocohontus because she put “American Indian” as her heritage on a form she filled out.

Having worked on my family tree for a while now, I can tell you I have been delighted to discover the family lore handed down to me is largely accurate. Elizabeth was quoting what had been handed down to her from her family, perhaps without further investigation.

From my own historical research, a few things I do know are this. My daughter discovered she and her brothers were descended from a family named Warren on her dad’s side who built what is today the oldest house in VA (in the Tidewater area and a historical site) and maybe the US.  The Warren family either bought or sold the property to John Rolf (husband of Pocohontus).  So be careful DT, Warren just may be related to Pocohontus…

As far fetched as that may seem, the late Senator Robert Byrd, (D-WVA) was a direct descendent of Pocohontus, as is the singer Wanye Newton and a few other people.




11 thoughts on “Big things and small

  1. I think I understand you giving up facebook for a while. I have worries about the possibilities of cyber-bullies etc., but then I can worry over anything these days. Keep posting on your blog, it’s good to see photos of your life and garden and helps me to understand something of life in the States, so thank you. Blessings

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  2. I have one Facebook page and rarely go to it. It just doesn’t float my boat somehow. But I can see the draw. Gregg and other friends keep in touch with their families and friends, and he lets me know what is going on and shows me photos. I get all my info from him. Politics are giving me a headache lately, never so more than in this one. Ah well!

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  3. You are going to miss all the G’kid pictures on Facebook, so you might as well sign yourself in again. Besides, many of us will miss you there.
    Purses, I only have a few. Most of my daily detritus is contained in a ladylike backpack. If you note yesterday’s post, I have a lot of backpacks. Leaves my old, worn out hands free. Target has some amusing backpacks right now.

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    • I thought about a backpack. I used a backpack for work and travel for years, but stopped when I developed back issues. Now that I know I can safely carry one on my right shoulder (left is for my cane), things are looking up.


  4. I find it interesting to read about an American’s reasons for voting one way or another. Your campaigns last so long though. We had a three month campaign for the federal election last year and it exhausted many of us. I imagine, though, if I grew up with your system, I’d feel differently.

    It will be an interesting five months in your country and I look forwad to how it will all unfold. I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to have a female leader of the free world.

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    • Never forget about Angela Merkle, who survived living in East Germany under Stasi rule before the wall fell and she became Prime Minister of a United Germany.

      My parents political arguments were far more heated and worse than mine although both of them voted for FDR.

      The last time I spoke with Mom, we had a heated discussion about Mohammed Ali. I’ve always regretted it, because she died six months later and I never saw her again until she was comatose in her last illness. Thus, I try to temper my political remarks, with those I love, although I don’t always succeed.

      Our political contest has only just begun. Yes, it’s very long.


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