Monday, Monday

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So what’s the matter with Monday?  Well nothing when you are retired, its June in VA and the sun is shining. It also helps to have a good book or two on the go, and I do!

Over the weekend, I read The Whites of their Eyes by Jill Lepore.  Yesterday, I began reading an even better book, Politicians and Egalitarians, by Sean Wilentz, a fantastic American Historian. I am loving this book by a man Michael Bechloss says may be the best American historian of his generation.

Lepore compares her version of history with the Tea Party version of history, and as you might expect, Lepore who also writes for the New Yorker, presents a hilarious and entertaining take. However, neither version is really history, although Lepore makes a keen observation when she says, history is always being revised. According to Lepore, the TEA Party has a comic book version of history.

That’s why I love history.  It’s never settled.

For many years we had the Whig version of history. But with the rise of the common white man under Jackson, the Black man under Lincoln, and woman later on, things began to change.  So did our view of our history.

I love Wilentz because he makes this understandable, at least for me who could never get anyone to explain exactly what a Whig was. Besides, I thought only the British had Whigs.

What I do question is why are they taking Andrew Jackson off the $20 bill when he was the hero of the little guy?  Add Tubman (African American Union spy extraordinaire) by all means, but do not eliminate Jackson. And Hamilton was okay, but no matter what the Broadway play says, he was a Whig, which makes me very suspicious! (Maybe I should have titled this post “Money, Money”!)


I begin therapy on my shoulder this week. I apparently have a torn something and an almost detached something else (I fell). My Ortho guy sent a report to my GP and he tried to explain what it said to me. Friday, David and I see the ENT guy.  My issue is waxy buildup, David’s more serious.

I scheduled an appointment with my gastroenterologist in July.  Woke up with horrible chest pain two nights ago.  I thought it was a heart attack, but took my medicine and it calmed down, so I knew it was a GERD flare.  I told David when I believed I was dying my only thought was, I can’t die, I have to vote for Hillary.


20 thoughts on “Monday, Monday

  1. Your fluvers photos are purty! Hope you can get all those pesky ailments under control soon so you can concentrate on the important things like assessing this political situation — based on historical perspective, of course. I think Hamilton should be kept on the bill — he was significant in our having such currency, wasn’t he? That’s the least we can do for him, whatever his other peccadilloes — or not. Don’t know how you find time to read so much ’cause as much as I’m enjoying Large’s book, I don’t get to it every day and have the last quarter to go — but earliest I’ll likely get back to it is next week.


    • How do I find the time to read? I was in college continuously from 1969 to 2012, finishing my BA and three MA degrees. The last, the grad history degree had more reading assigned than any other. Over those years, I also worked part time at first and then full time. Assigned a text book a week, I read on the bus, at my desk during lunch (mostly I brought my lunch) and late into the night.

      In addition to the assigned books, I also had much additional reading in connection with my research papers and job. My mom taught me to read when I was 3 years old. I think it’s a habit I developed early and never lost.

      I stopped reading most fiction years ago. History and sociology texts are much better. Kind of like the difference between ice milk and ice cream!

      I also don’t socialize…no parties, very few engagements with others than David. I am a true introvert who would rather spend time with a book, than most anything else.

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  2. Hi Dianne, hope that shoulder recovers without surgery and didn’t know you suffered from Gerds. Happy to hear the meds helped there. I have suddenly developed an intolerance for dairy after all these years. I am quite annoyed as I love a glass of milk and now apparently the joke is on me. I always enjoy learning of the books you read. Your posts are an education unto themselves.


    • I have GERDS as well as a faulty valve issue, which allows bile acid to leak into my stomach. GERDS is an esophageal issue of course, and has to do with scarring of the esophagus wall as we age.

      So far no stomach cancer, however, GERDS is serious. I don’t smoke, don’t drink, seldom eat red meat. All those make me very sick.

      I take two meds, one for each issue.

      My GP also frets because several of the meds I take for heart issues, allergies and arthritis are corrosive. I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy in 2014, and don’t want to do that again soon.

      I am anemic, so GP worries about internal bleeding, especially as I take a blood thinner.

      As you can see, there’s always something falling apart. On the other hand, modern medicine is very good.


  3. I seem to be reading a lot of fiction lately with really interesting historical and geographical information. Most recently a book set in Burma before and after England took over and into the 60s or 70s.

    I also pulled a muscle in my back recently. It really smarted. From what I could tell on the internet there is nothing for a pulled muscle but time. It’s been a month now and I don’t think of it much so I guess it’s getting better. Good Luck on your doctor visits.

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    • even though warlords seized Burma and changed its name to Myanmar, the US State Dept never accepted the ligitamacy of this coup, and continued to call it Burma. One of Hillary Clintons greatest accomplishments was the release of Burmas woman president from house arrest. Today the country is once again calling itself Burma.

      Pulled muscles are awful. After it heals and it will if you give it time, try doing stretches in the morning before you tackle your garden.


    • You are supposed to laugh, Just call me one of those crazy old ladies who loves her. BTW David worked in her campaign in ’08.

      My daughter lives in Eric Cantor’s old district. You may know he lost his seat to a much more conservative fellow. Well she says the people she knows say they won’t vote for Trump because he’s too Liberal. Many of them supported Ted Cruz.


  4. History was never my best subject, as I had trouble remembering dates and names of monarchs. Daughter Maria minored in History, however, so she is much smarter than I am. Lol.

    Take care of the shoulder. Hope you won’t need surgery.


  5. It seems that you are like me, Dianne, in that you read several books at once. I’m sure it helps keep us alert and active. Sorry to hear about the shoulder, just keep doing what the physio tells you. Don’t let the other chronic ailments get you down, keep taking the medicine!

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  6. Good morning from wet, wishing it was sunny, PEI. I love reading your take on history. Puts it in perspective for me, not a natural history fan.

    Good luck with all the doctor appointments. Those are never our favourite ways to spend our time!

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