Maintenance, home and abroad

Troy came yesterday and spruced up the front yard, mowing the grass and trimming shrubs, the heavy work I can no longer do. He was coming back today to clear the side yard and dog run, which have become weed beds planted by the birds, however, I recalled the pest control guy was coming and advised Troy he might not want to be outside on a breezy day when he sprays around the foundation for ants and other creepy crawlies.

I hadn’t sprayed since 2014, but the crickets, spiders, moths and ants have invaded and I am sure silverfish are back too. I killed the biggest silverfish I’ve ever seen last week and I can’t take it anymore. The turning point was when I found ants in the butter dish. Nothing like butter-covered ants on toast.

The company I use assures me their products are USDA approved and green. I hope so.  If you can’t rely on your government to keep a check on atmospheric poisons who can you trust?

Which leads me to say, that all this talk about government being a problem is just that….talk.  The problem is many folks think they can have something for nothing. We say we want government to work, and then we short change it.  On the other hand, when you have 47 dysfunctional programs addressing the same thing, say poverty, then you might ask why?  When you have members of Congress carving out set asides from every budget for their constituents back home, instead of voting for the greater good (the general welfare of the US) you might ask why?

My son works for the Navy and is high enough that he handles budget work.  His chief complaint is “too many cooks stirring the pot.”  This translates into elected representatives doing things such as striving to keep dysfunctional government operations in place or ordering the military services to spend money on equipment they don’t want or need.

My pet peeve is the space program.  People who think we need to go to Mars because someday humans might have to leave earth are delusional.  What we need to do is take care of the earth, our home.

That includes ensuring the FDA, EPA and similar viable agencies created during the New Deal remain funded and administered by people who care about their mission and carry it out honestly, objectively and without prejudice.

That doesn’t preclude a balanced budget either. When that happens, government works well.


Yesterday, I finished reading Alter Egos by New York Times reporter Mark Landler. I am a foreign policy junkie, so I loved this book which compares and contrasts the differing approaches to foreign policy by Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton. I recommend it to all the political junkies out there as well as those who want the inside story of what went on in those years Hillary was Secretary of State. Believe me, the email “scandal” was merely a small burp.


Always rest after your daily walk.




20 thoughts on “Maintenance, home and abroad

  1. I agree … except, remember, aside from feeding mankind’s natural curiosity, the space program has brought us a lot of innovations in science, medicine and elsewhere … including the solar cell which is at least one answer to our environmental problems.

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    • True, however, what’s to say some other investment would not produce the same result?

      I was saved as a baby by penicillin. (I had pneumonia).

      Did you know penicillin was developed to address VD? Using your logic, I could argue we should promote sexually transmitted diseases in order to further medical advances.

      Or we could promote war to improve medical advance?


  2. Agree wholeheartedly with Al and Dianne’s response. Planned Parenthood has been our major charity for years. Overpopulation is the root of most of the serious problems we face, and where women are educated and can receive proper health services populations stabilize. Of course, antiquated religious and philosophical dogmas hinder progress in many parts of our world.

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  3. I enjoy reading about astronomy and once belonged to the Astronomy Institute at the University of Hawaii, attending lectures by astronomers and other scientists. Just think if people were not interested in exploring the New World long ago. Lol.

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    • Love astronomy, always have. Went to my first planetarium when I was 10. However, money spent on a trip to Mars when bridges are collapsing, water pipes are killing children and health issues that beset the poor (Zika in MS), are far more important issues we must face and fund in this time of government austerity.

      And as Dick Points out (above) we are cutting funds to care for our forests…hence terrible fires rage each summer.


  4. I am always betwixt and between about getting sprayed but we had a swarm of termites flying around in our front room one morning a few years back. I never want to see them swarming again. As for reaching for the stars, and Mars? Can’t quite get my head wrapped around that one.

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  5. I often console myself when the poor weather record in Argyll is getting me down – saying at least we don’t have so many creepy-crawlies etc. But this year is setting up a record and I am seeing ants being busy nearby. As for politics, I find it hard enough to get my head round the UK – I just hope your new presidency process produces someone suitable. Every Blessing


    • Politics and ants. Some how they converge don’t they? I am praying the American people come to their senses. I don’t like everything Hillary does, however, she’s head and shoulders above her rival. We never get everything we want, do we?

      As for my mood,I’m in pretty good shape. All the flowers blooming here help a lot. Seems may showers have produced June flowers after all.


  6. Tell Troy to wear a mask too. How can anything that can kill an ant or a cockroach, the most enduring creatures on earth, be good for us ask I? I am peevish about the space program too. I too believe those monies should be invested in keeping this planet healthy.

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  7. I agree about the part that living on other planets is virtually unattainable (unless, they do invent a transporter a la Star Trek). However, to say we just need to take care of the earth is an oversimplification. I think we have talked about his before, but the number one reason we will overrun the earth and it provisions is population. We will at some point, maybe in 150 years, maybe it will take a thousand, overpopulate this sphere to the point we will kill each other off to get at the meager food and water supplies that will be available. To be honest, I think we are a bit arrogant to think the human race is meant to survive forever in the first place. So many species have died out before us, why not us? What makes US so special? In fact, we are very unspecial judging from the incident at the Cincinnati Zoo this week.


    • So true Al, however, that is one reason I came to support entities such as Planned Parenthood and healthcare coverage for contraception, as well as education for everyone, especially women around the world. The key is women. We should be able to do better. Knowledge, freeedom of choice and Willpower are the operative words. I’m thinking another Influenza or major war will be the way it ends, but perhaps not.


      • Amen to your thoughts on government. Of the hundreds of people I worked with in the U.S. Forest Service, hardly a single scoundrel was to be found. Interference or nonsupport by politicians was a huge hindrance to pursuing the mission. Currently, completely inadequate funding for the growing costs of firefighting is bringing almost all other constructive work by the agency to a standstill. Ironically, that contributes to the growing fire problem. If forests cannot be thinned appropriately or waste wood (fuel for fires) reduced, bigger wildfires result.


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