In the garden

IMG_0928This morning, just as the first shafts of sunlight reached our yard, I stepped out the backdoor and went Wow!

Normally, I don’t do this, however, for some reason, I had one of those Awe moments Herman Melville describes in Moby Dick.  The Awe moment has to do with connecting with the Creator through his creation.

Although you can barely see them, because my camera doesn’t capture the detail, the beds are full of dozens of flowers of various shades of blue, violet, pink and magenta.  The most obvious is the Clematis flower just outside the porch. The flowers in the grey pot on the lower left are pale yellow petunias, Calibrochoa, and others.


What appears white in the right middle ground are Lambs Ears or Stachys Byzantina (above),  Mother Nature added this (it was in the front yard). Scattered throughout the garden are  other natural transplants, Virginia Spider Wort or Tradescantia (a native plant John Tradescant carried to England) and violets, as well as the odd Peony or Iris I planted.

Mostly, the garden has gone wild.  Below, some of the flowers I planted.IMG_0707

My heavy gardening days are behind me. The Horticulturist who helped me for a while moved away, and Troy, the brick guy who had been helping me before one thing or another interfered, can’t do much owing to his health issues, although he managed to hack the hedge this week while David mowed our little yard.

David and I have been doing a few tasks every day. Mostly, however, that consists of keeping pots watered, a task that grows more difficult when you both have muscle and skeletal issues.  (The Doc confirmed David has Diabetes and his bones are thinning (Osteopenia).  However, they are not life threatening, at least right away, but are part of the aging process.)

We’ve had 90+ degree weather this week, tossing us into summer overnight.  Thus, we try to get our work done early in the day.  I even managed to walk the dogs up the block.  They are both crashed at this moment…they are older too.


18 thoughts on “In the garden

  1. No wonder you said “WOW” … what a lovely scene. I am so envious of people who grow living artwork. I can do it on walls and furniture but I’m all thumbs when it comes to actual gardening …and, unfortunately they are not green thumbs.

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  2. Your garden is beautiful, and the various flowers are right at home. Sorry about the health problems, but know you are living with them the best you can. 90 degrees sounds a lot hotter than here, which is 22C at the moment. Every Blessing

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    • I subscribe to three Diabetes mags, including Diabetes Forecast published by the ADA. Thinking about carbs has shifted a bit, though you are correct, you must eat fewer. He’s also taking Metformin which is helping lower his A1c, and eating yogurt for calcium to fight Osteopenia. I am the “enforcer.” Lots of fruit and veggies here.


  3. Beautiful yard, so neat and tidy, and well kept. Mine looks like some sort of wild field that we fenced off. I do very little work with it, just let it do its own thing.

    We too will be having 100 degree days this next week. Lots of graduations happening so people are figuring out how to stay cool out there. Not me. I have nothing on my calendar for this week. Loving it.

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  4. What a beautiful garden you have Dianne, such pretty flowers! I’d go wow too at the sight of it and I didn’t see it up close. It just looks awesome and I loved all the photos of the flowers. Thank you for ID’ing them. It’s how I learn. Sorry to hear about David’s Osteopenia. Gregg’s Dad has this also. Yes, the hot nights are upon us. I put the fan on in our bedroom last night.

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