The sun almost had his hat on

The sun came out this morning, and I was able to pull weeds, including some very tall wild onions which were beginning to form aerial bulbs. It warmed the Cecile Brunner Rose long enough for me to enjoy a few good sniffs while I sat on my porch and warmed myself in the sunlight. Cecile is the original old sweetheart rose, and although tiny, her fragrance is huge and much like that of Channel No.5.  These ephemeral moments in the early morning sun on a spring day send my spirits soaring.

My daughter called this afternoon in tears, the strain of the past few days, missed sleep and memories of her father, as well as the sudden awareness she has been plunged into the next chapter of life by the birth of her first grandchild, hit her at once.

Connie put her finger on what affects us both, thinking about those we have lost, a wound that reopens when a new child arrives. She says the baby will call her Grammy, which is what she called my mother.

I told her David and I would drive down as soon as we have a few decent days of weather.  We don’t do rain any more, dodging trucks on Route 66 is a challenge on a good day.

With the torn ligament in my shoulder, I am in constant pain when I drive, and I do most of the driving. Plus, the ophthalmologist thinks my eye muscles have grown weaker, probably from the stroke I had ten years ago, hence the bouts of double vision. Of course, I have yet another appointment on the calendar with a specialist in eye muscles.  Who knew?

Heck, typing a few lines in a post is a pain, although good for retaining some mental sharpness I’m told. Meanwhile David and I must content ourselves with photos.  More from the hospital below, although she’s at home now.

28 thoughts on “The sun almost had his hat on

  1. Congratulations on being a great grandma! I hope I can live to see that day too. It would be so cool. The photos are so touching.
    And your roses are stunning. I happen to love roses.

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  2. We had a pink Cecil Bruner by the breakfast room and a yellow one over the pergola in back. Isn’t there a train, bus, plane you can take instead of driving?


  3. Of course your granddaughter and the baby are beautiful — Mother and Child — jwonderful. But I am struck by how peaceful and happy “Grammy” Connie looks in that portrait. I know that she will be fine. Although it is such a milestone — and with the daddy away for now (and under stressful circumstances) she will have her hands full keeping up her daughter’s spirits that is for sure. But I have every confidence in both mother and daughter.

    It will be lovely for you both to see the new addition in person — but it is wise to wait for a good weather window. Do be careful out there.

    (My mother was always Grammy to our kids and even to her great-grands, the ones old enough to know here.)

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  4. Sorry to hear about your double vision; I also suffer from this and as a result of a number of TIAs or mini-strokes. The specialist fitted my spectacles with prisms (like ridged clingfilm) onto one lens and it has partly solved the problem. Here’s hoping yours can be solved too. Memories of Loved Ones are bitter/sweet but they are good memories to have. Every Blessing, Freda.


  5. Sweet little one, Grt Gram! Glad you could enjoy sun in garden. Wonder if your eye muscle weakness is medically appropriate and would be responsive for a referral for eye exercises with a specialist? Perhaps dbl vision comes when eyes tired I.e. with reading. and/or computer screen use, but expect you would have observed to see if there was any correlation. Be good to yourself.

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    • I’m seeing a specialist in August. Yes ninety percent of the time I’m using near vision. Always has been like this. Ophthalmologist thinks the issue is in my weak left eye, however. After effects of the stroke I had before I retired. Hopefully the specialist will have some answers.


  6. Although much cooler here than normal, we have had sunshine. It’s an up and down thing. Cool and cloudy, then sunshine for awhile.

    Congratulations on the new grand baby. Life is a journey, and a new one begins. Here I am saying goodbye to a couple of friends who have finished theirs.

    Driving does not sound like too much fun for you. I don’t know about your highways, but ours are very dangerous and takes every ounce of well being and attention to make it safely from place to place.


  7. Such a sweet baby. I hope everyone gets a chance to adjust to this new stage of life and can relax to enjoy this new sweetie. I wish you a safe journey when you hit the road to join the family.

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  8. What gorgeous roses! I wish I were there to inhale the fragrance. I’m glad you got to enjoy some sunshine. I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like. More rain tonight. Noah, send me an ark!

    Yes, new babies do bring out emotions in everyone. Blessings to all.

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