Here comes the sun…

At last, a sunny day in Northern Virginia. Cold here also, but that won’t stop me from doing yard work, or David from hauling the dozen bags of books I placed in paper bags yesterday, to Goodwill.

We’ve broken all previous records for consecutive days of rain, however, as that tidbit made the national news its probably not news to you. The yard is a jungle, and I am imagining what it would look like paved with cement.  My poor dogs are blazing new trails through the undergrowth, no small task for five pound Clare.

D and his tools 003.jpg

My favorite photo of David, Clare and Johnny, 2015

 Clare had a rough week. Dr. Young cleaned her teeth and it took until today for her to recover.  She was vomiting and had bad diarrhea for three days afterward…not good in such a small dog. However, bad teeth kill small dogs, so they must be cleaned when needed.  Small dogs have the same number of teeth as wolves, but their jaws are much smaller.  Too many teeth crowded together causes problems. When she was a baby, the vet pulled several teeth to give her jaw room for the remaining teeth.  These days she seldom loses a tooth.

Johnny is twice as large as Clare, his aunt. Clare’s mother was a little cream and white dog named Lakeside Dancer.  Dancer, the white dog below is Johnny’s grandmother. Johnny’s mother Holly is the tri-color Pom, and Clare’s sister.  Johnny’s dad was a big white Pom.  No one knows where Johnny’s black coat came from.  Apparently genes skip a generation.

 Okay, if you are not “into” dogs, all this is probably boring.  However, you might be surprised to learn how often people ask me if our dogs are related.

I bought my dogs a few years ago, Clare is 12 and Johnny seven. These are the last dogs I will buy.  My next dog will be one from the shelter. I don’t regret getting a ‘designer’ dog, however, there are very good dogs who need a good home.  Besides, my Pom breeder has quit the business.

Taking care of dogs is costly.  I was in sticker shock after paying Clare’s $800 dental bill this week.  And yes, I carried dog insurance for a long time. However, it never paid off for me.  David and I do an excellent job of keeping our dogs healthy, so they never got the ailments the insurance covered.

Next week, Clare and Johnny see their groomer, and two of my parrots, Baby the African Senegal and Arabella the Amazon Hahn’s Macaw, see their avian vet. At least my water bill has dropped back into the normal range.

Below, my favorite photo from granddaughter Joy’s graduation on Friday. Mom posted a video of Joy receiving her diploma, but I’ll spare you that.  The announcer read Joy’s full name, ‘Hosanna Joy.’

Connie and Joy, May 2013 Graduation

Connie and Joy, May 2016


23 thoughts on “Here comes the sun…

    • Clare was reacting to the bacteria released when her teeth were cleaned. Same thing happens with humans, which is why David and I both will take an antibiotic before every teeth cleaning for the rest of our lives.

      David and I both have had joint replacements and are at risk FOREVER of infection caused by teeth cleaning if the bacteria reaches the bloodstream.

      My friend Pat died following a teeth cleaning. She had a heart attack because the bacteria from her teeth reached her heart.


  1. Weather people are unanimous in promising sunshine here in Michigan starting tomorrow. However, they’ve been saying that for a while.

    We have the best of doggie worlds. Our son, who lives a brisk walk from us, has a sweet Shih Tsu, Pearl, who we dearly love. We can walk her whenever we want to take that on, and like to dog sit for her when needed. We get all the benefits of Pearl’s company, but none of the ownership responsibilities. It’s a perfect pet situation for us.

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  2. Didn’t know your genealogy fetish included dogs. He he. We’re sitting for our daughter’s 13-week old West Highland terrier right now. Talk about noise and excitement! It’s day two and our girl pups are finally accepting having a male in their midst. Winston, as he is called, is the sweetest little guy and I don’t want to give him back!!


  3. Oh, that last photo is magic stuff. I’m not into dogs, but I am into genes. 🙂
    You will laugh at me. I am so pissed about Trump that I have volunteered at our Democratic Headquarters. LOL

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  4. I’ve always thought if I got a small dog, it would be a pom. But not likely to happen now. When my retriever mix is gone, I don’t plan to get another dog. Vet bills across the board are getting absurd. I’ll continue to make do with one cat, however. I can’t imagine living without another warm body in the house.


    • Two of my granddaughters work for a vet. Costs are lower out where they live in the country. However, vet bills are on the rise everywhere. The best thing to do if you have a dog is keep them healthy from the Gitgo. And yes, cats are an option for old ladies. Won’t work too well for me however, as I have five parrots.

      BTW, my friend Kathy adopted three kitten brothers and they all have a health issue resulting from a genetic defect. So far, she has lost two of the cats and spent thousands of dollars. There is no easy way to have an inexpensive pet in this area.

      My daughter has a better situation because her vet tech daughters can do many things for her cats and dogs.


      • I’ve always given my pets (one dog, one cat) the best of care and all the recommended preventative shots, etc. That alone is pretty expensive. Accident or illness puts it through the roof. Not to mention the attempts at up-selling (dental work is great, but don’t start suggesting 4-figure elective services to a retiree).

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  5. Lovely family keepsake photo of your daughter and her daughter at this special time. Connie was obviously feeling blessed from the moment Hosanna Joy was born — beautiful name(s) and she is obviously living up to them!!.
    You have kept almost as good a family tree for your sweet pups as you have for yourself! What a busy and happy household you and David have. (Makes our retirement cottage seem sterile and still in comparison. However, pets would not work well with our lifestyle. Life is full of choices of course. That is true no matter how old we get.)


  6. You know I love dog stories so bring them on. I’ve always wanted a Pom but I’ve only “bought” a dog once. An English Springer Spaniel. She was so much fun and worth every penny but I have to watch those pennies these days so it’s just going to be me and Buddy in the future I think.

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    • Thanks Marie. Apparently the other grandmother wasn’t thrilled with the name. Connie announced it in the delivery room. I was there, and told her I thought at the time she was expressing a great deal of relief. I suppose she could have named her Thankful, as in, “I’m thankful that’s over.”

      Not to far fetched as I have an ancetor named Thankful. Her parents named her after they landed near Boston on that rocky New England coast where she was born in the 1600s.


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