An end and a beginning

Fortuna smiled and the sun shone across our soggy state today, which has received rain every day in May.  We haven’t had gully washers here, but dark skies and rain have been the norm for so long David and I are ready to scream and have done so.

Finally, David was able to mow our small yard yesterday afternoon following a morning of running around in the rain.

I’m very happy for granddaughter Joy.  She graduated from Virginia Tech today with  a degree in Agriculture Science.  Thousands of other kids are graduating. I have received several photos of nephews, cousins and others across the U.S all filled with hope for a brighter world.

I’m feeling a bit sad, however.  The last little granddaughter has grown up and graduated from college.  I know her mom is feeling the sadness along with great pride and some relief, just as I am feeling her heart vibrations. Connie doesn’t like it, however, we are not that different from the mother and daughter in the film Shirley McLean and Debra Winger made in the 1980s, Terms of Endearment.

Not my fault Connie looked like Debra Winger and her younger brother John swooped her up and reenacted the last scene from the film An Officer and a Gentleman at a family gathering.

D&D 002

John and Connie, 1981


Simultaneously with the graduation today, the sun broke through the clouds and son Richard relayed the message grandson Jacob is finished with surgery, all went well, and he is in recovery.  They expect to take him home soon.


20 thoughts on “An end and a beginning

  1. Good news all around! So glad your grandson’s surgery went well. And tons of congratulations due to your bright and beautiful granddaughter. In spite of all the bad news, I think there are enough young people like your grandkids (and mine) to make me have hope for our future.

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  2. Such a proud day for the family and the young person on graduation day. Your girl looks lovely and deservedly happy. Well done!

    I am happy your grandson got through his surgery so well. It must be a relief.

    Wishing you sunshine this weekend…

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