Mom and me


Mom, the music teacher, and granddaughter Connie at the piano, 1962

I awoke this morning, thinking of my Mom. Tomorrow is Mother’s day and she’s been gone for over forty years, but I think of her quite often, perhaps every day.  I disappointed my poor Mom because I just missed being born on Mother’s Day all those many years ago.  I will be 74 this week.

Having outlived her by many years, I have been making the medical rounds, and interspersing little treats in between doctor visits. Following a panormic x-ray of my jaw, plus the usual bite-wing shots, this week, I received an A+ from the dentist. Later in the week, I saw my osteo guy for an injecton in my shoulder, and a prescription for an MRI.  He thinks I have a torn rotator cuff (probably from lifting heavy things like bags of soil, but I didn’t tell him this).

My treats this past week consisted of booking my tickets for travel to CA in the fall to visit son #1; buying myself a ‘Belgian’ waffle iron and using it;  virtusly eating salads and forgoing dessert at a Greek restaurant on our way home from the dentist; a trip to Merrifield nursery to buy more pots for my begonia and fuchsia plants.

Following a visit to the Osteopathic surgeon, we stopped at the Heidelberg, a German bakery, for a tuna sandwich for me, a brat for David and slices of hazelnut cake.


Yesterday, I spent the afternoon on the phone:

1/ arranging an appointment for the MRI for my shoulder, obtaining a prescription for Valium so I can stand the MRI which calls for an hour on my back listening to a loud noise while not moving;

2/ obtaining an appointment with another osteo guy for my back (I’ll need it), which will probably lead to another MRI;

3/ arranging with my GP’s office for our pre-physical blood workup orders…to be sent to the hospital; and

4/ other fun things.


Next week I have my quarterly checkup with the dermatologist, following which, we will eat at our favorite French cafe on Monday. Wednesday is my birthday, and we are going downtown to the National Gallery of Art to view the Mellon exhibit with lunch at the museum.

Thursday we drop Clare at the vet’s office for her teeth cleaning, followed by our blood draw at the hospital.


In between all these excursions, treats, etc. I will continue reading and get more plants potted.  We’ve had nine days of rain, but finally the sun appeared this morning. The last shipment of plants should arrive next week as well as the tea and coffee beans I ordered for David and me. Below is my little teapot, by Lennox.  The pattern is called ‘Williamsburg’. I’ve had it a while, however, I destroy pots regularly, so its relatively new. Mom would have loved it.


28 thoughts on “Mom and me

  1. I’m sorry you lost your mom so very early, Dianne. That’s so hard. I’ve been grateful to have my mother this long. I know she was a wonderful role model and inspiration for you.

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  2. Happy Birthday! Your planned celebration sounds perfect for the day. I do like that you find lovely places to eat after your “other fun things” . We have been doing a lot of those things too (maybe not quite as many as you, but enough, and I do like to at least eat out to make the day a happy one. Take care. Enjoy the whole Birthday Week!!!

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  3. Happy Birthday … I’m sorry you are having all the medical problems but getting them tended to will, hopefully, give you many more years ahead ! I love the sweet little tea cozy … did you make it?

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    • Thankfully, most of this medical care is preventative. Many others are in worse shape than me.

      As for the cozy, once upon a time I was a skilled seamstress and could have made the cozy, but alas. No more. I believe I bought this at a gift store featuring “homemade” items. I love hand made things. I always feel the item retains a bit of its maker’s energy, whereas machine made things are cold. Just a fancy of mine,I suppose.


  4. What a sweet photo. Connie’s chubby little baby hand makes me miss my babies, now grown. But we see them several times a year and phone calls fill in between with them and the grands. Way to go keeping the treats interspersed among the med treks.


    • Thanks Linda. Always good to mix the fun stuff with the bitter pills to take the edge off. Speaking of little baby hands and fingers….Granddaughter Rita posted a sweet photo of me holding her mother 55 years go.


  5. Your schedule of visits and things to do leaves me astounded. Well done for keeping up with everything. I hope all goes well. Blessings from Dalamory

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  6. Wow. That is so schedule you have. I hate MRIs but thankful they are available when we need them. Very cute picture of Mom and Connie. I would love to have a brat from a German restaurant. I’ll have to see if we have any around here.

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  7. Hope all goes well with your various appts. MRIs are among my least favorite things to do, but probably beats surgery which I’ve avoided so far in my lifetime. Coincidentally, I’m getting off some of my routine type med appts this time of year — actually a month behind time. Cute little piano player! We could have been a duo. I regret circumstances prevented my keeping them up after several years.

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    • MRIs and colonoscopies. Bah!

      The baby in the photo is my daughter Connie. Mom taught me piano, but I never did very well. I could play Adestes Fidelis and Greensleeves and that was it. I learned pieces, hated scales. My daughter got the music gene as did her oldest daughter. David and I bought them a piano when Granddaughter Hannah was about six.

      My husband, David, learned how to play on a baby grand piano. One day he took a hammer to the keys and that was the end of his music career.


  8. Your photo reminded me of my sister, who was the musical wizard in our family. She gave piano recitals to fairly large audiences and also played the organ in our church. I started piano lessons, but only lasted until the times conflicted with baseball practices. I chose the ball field. Bad choice. Making music could have lasted a lifetime. Old ballplayers fade away a lot faster.


  9. That is a sweet photo Dianne. Gregg came across some treasured snaps when he was at his dad’s last time. He said I could put some on my blog when I get a chance. You have a busy life. I have never had an MRI but dread the thought. A nice trip planned to see your son. Hopefully we will be getting out west to visit Gregg’s sister sometime this year. I liked that pretty tea pot and tea cozy.

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  10. I really love the photo, especially since I am taking lessons myself now.

    As for the doctor stuff, welcome to my world. If it wasn’t for medical appointments, I would have no social life at all!

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    • Thanks Al. My Mom was great with all things musical. She played the organ at church and had her own piano at home. She was the music director for our local chapter of Girl Scouts and directed the choir, the only time she could tell Dad what to do (he sang in the choir). I still have her pitch pipe.

      As for doctor visits, I believe in preventative care, however, with regard to my joints, there’s not much you can do after a lifetime of using them. Between us, David and I have two good arms. You are too young to have all these issues.


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