Life is What Happens

I try to write a post midweek and on the weekends, but this week and probably the month of May are odd given

1/ impending birth of a great-grandchild by a granddaughter who thinks she will drive herself to the hospital when she’s in labor;

2/ surgery for another grandchild who would rather be on the soccer field than undergoing required rest at home;

3/ the graduation from college of the youngest granddaughter who has a summer internship but no full-time employment beyond that. The last child talks about the Peace Corps, but mom’s worried because the world is a scary place.

4/ Throw into this mix a child who operates a “blow and go” vehicle because she had a bad experience with a sheriff and you can see why moms and dads worry.

Also, because its my birthday month I’m wrapped up in doing a lot for Dianne. But heck, isn’t that what retirement is about, breaking out?

My children, the parents of the grandkids above have the worries, however, there was a time when I fretted everyday, and probably could still do so.  However, I recall my SIL becoming very upset with her own mother when the grandson was killed in a traffic accident and grandmother failed to offer comfort to her daughter reacting as if the grandchild child was her own.


Thus, I’ve spent the week working out the details of my trip to CA next October. I’ll try to fly to the West Coast every two years or so for as long as I can. I think we’ve finally settled on a week in October but the kids have such incredibly busy schedules, trips are difficult to arrange.  On top of everything else their oldest son is undergoing surgery in a week or two and Dad and Mom are distracted.

Jacob was a very early premie who survived but only after the Navy transported his Mom (in labor) in a Medivac helicopter over the Alps from southern Spain, where they lived, to the huge US military medical facility in Landstuhl Germany which hospitalizes most of our wounded troops.

Wendy was discharged in a few days, but Jacob remained in an incubator for several weeks with mom spending the time close by until he was discharged.  As a result, Jacob’s parents have always had some concern for him, although he seems to have grown into a strong boy.IMG_0597


The things I’ve done for my Birthday Month seem self-centered and trivial when compared with their worries, however, my son did ask me to come visit, so I am.




22 thoughts on “Life is What Happens

  1. You have such a big wonderful family and many children and grandchildren to be proud of. And wow! A great-grandchild! That is awesome! Peace Corps was wonderful for our son and the corps did seem to watch over their volunteers and make sure they were safe.


  2. Your grandson, Jacob, is very handsome. Hope the surgery goes well. It must be scary.

    We had such a fright last summer with our tiny granddaughter and her burst appendix. All turned out well, but it was quite harrowing for awhile. I’m praying for a calm summer,this year.

    We’ve already made our reservations for July when we go to help our daughter with Vacation Bible School and then bring the grandchildren home with us for a week or so. Time passes so quickly.

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  3. Grandparenting can be fraught at times… the line between too much and not enough involvement can be thin. (Actually it is the same with parenting adult children isn’t it?) I think you’ve achieved a good balance. And the trip to CA sounds good; you should do it as long as you are able. (We feel the same about our bi-coastal life — we’ll keep on doing it as long as it feels good and the benefits outweigh the inevitable problems.)

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    • She’s living with her Mom and Dad. She will stay with them for a while. They live on a farm out in the countryside. Don’t think taxis come out there. She has plenty of offers for a ride. This has more to do with feeling independent, but everyone needs help from time to time.


    • Yes, perhaps by the time you read this I will be a great-grandmother. This baby will make my daughter a grandmother. Baby’s dad is in Yemen with U.S. Military. He will be home in July, God willing.


  4. Visiting family is a mixed blessing – they are so busy, time spent with them is fleeting, but worthwhile. And what is it with kids today that – for example – your granddaughter wants to drive herself to the hospital. Self-sufficiency is fine – most of the time!

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  5. Wow. That is a lot going on. I still worry more than I should. I think I worry more about the grandkids than kids at this stage and I think I worry about all of them much more than I did when my kids were young. I think life experiences just make you more careful and worry more when you’re older.


  6. Surgery for a young son is a hard thing. Yes, glad he invited you. Yes, changed date for lunch at the Prado and Mingei afterwards. We can finalized details later. Hugs.

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    • i want to be involved up to a point. However, distance presents an obstacle for me with regard to some of the kids. The other thing I know is that I need to be detached. As my daughter says, “not my monkeys, not my zoo” !


      • We have one child who lives nearby, a choice we made six years ago. I am glad we did move here and we’ll help out as long as we can. I can detach better than my husband but we love being near family for the first time in our married lives.

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      • I can understand that very well. Except for the years she was away for college, my daughter has lived nearby for fifty years. My sons live further away. Oldest son lives near his wife’s family. Youngest never married.


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