Saturday 4/30 snippets


My Dutch Cousin, Ankie (left), at a Dog Show in Germany with her award winning King Charles Spaniel.

Tomorrow is the first day of May and generally there is nothing so fine as a day in May. Like Freda in Dalmory, I’m going to celebrate my birthday month every day with something special. Thus, I’ve been thinking up little treats.

I have medical appointments throughout the month because I schedule many things for my birthday month to make sure I do them. You know, the annual physical, 6-month eye exam and dental visit, 3-month Dermatology visit…all the fun stuff. Plus, I’m sure to walk out of my GPs office with lots of scripts for things like mammograms.

Our six-month dental visits are next week.  I just got the “auto confirm” from my 70-year old dentist’s office. He usually scolds me, and praises David.  Guess who has the perfect teeth?

 Every one except my GP seems to use email auto-confirm messages. I’ve had the same GP for over 30 years, and he’s my age.  His wife and practice manager having finally retired to care for their grandchildren, his office only recently switched to computers. That’s nothing, you couldn’t use a credit card for your co-pay until last year.

So what will my little treats be?  Stay tuned and I might tell you. For one thing, David has agreed to take me to the George Washington University Textile Museum where they are featuring a display of colorful garments from Central Asia.

Old Patterns, New Order: Socialist Realism in Central Asia
Through May 29, 2016
Under Soviet political rule, artists across Central Asia created images that both embraced modernity and idealized the past. This exhibition will examine the socialist realist art movement in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and others areas of Central Asia, pairing twentieth-century paintings with examples of the traditional textiles they depict. Organized in partnership with GW’s Central Asia Program.


Kathy called to invite David and me to eat lunch today at the Celtic House with Brother Dunstan and Father Roland from Belgium. They are leaving for Korea and Japan where they will present a paper on theology at a conference in South Korea.  Later, they will board with the Benedictine order in Hiroshima.  Dunstan says Hiroshima is the epicenter of the Catholic population in Japan.  When the US dropped the Atomic bomb on Hiroshima, the Cathedral was the target.

David and I are headed out with Connie and Bill later today so we declined Kathy’s offer.



To while away some of the time as she waits for her baby’s arrival, Rita fishes at the farm pond with her Dad  where she caught her first catfish.  She wears the blue smock at the vet’s office where she works.


10 thoughts on “Saturday 4/30 snippets

  1. Good idea to do those necessary annual checkups during your BD month — as long as you do some good things for yourself too and it sounds like you’ve got a handle on that! Happy May birthday and here’s to celebrating all month long.

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  2. May sounds like a delightful month to celebrate one’s birthday. I love April and May so perhaps I should just change my birthday to coincide with one of those months! Or, maybe celebrate now and later. Hope you have a wonderful month of celebration.

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