Getting potted


Next to the heat pump: Callibrochoa, Petunias, Fuchsia, Agastache, Coleus, June 2014.

David and I have been busy, dumping the dead plants and soil from last year’s potting effort in the compost bin, topping up the pots with plants that made it through winter (some are inside), and potting up new soil for new plants. The boxes of annuals I ordered a while back arrived today (he just pulled them off the porch).  Its like Christmas around here.

Last week I bought more pots as well as bags of soil from a favorite supplier. Given I resolved the water issue/bill, I’m feeling a certain kind of recklessness. You might say I’m potty or or gone to pot, but when I do something, I never do it by halves. Half measures avail us nothing.  

David has joined in the fun which makes me happy.  Cheers all around.


Granddaughter Rita received a surprise last week as her beau and Haydon’s dad suddenly appeared at the farm.  The military sent him home on compassionate leave owing to a death in his family.  He’s back in the Middle East now, and won’t be home until July.

Rita is in her last month of pregnancy, and as anyone who has been through this knows, the ninth month is the most difficult month.  She had been a bit down, and Chris’ visit cheered her enormously.


Meanwhile granddaughter Joy pictured below with her sorority (she’s the girl on the floor in the cow suit), graduates with her degree in Dairy Science around the same time Rita’s baby is due.  Mom Connie will be running up and down the road from Charlottesville to Blacksburg to attend these events it seems.IMG_0595

Joy reports she is going to work for the VA Agriculture Extension Service after she graduates. Her job will be to advise kids in 4-H and farmers.  Given her ebulliant personality, I am sure she will be a hit.

Around here we have much joy these days.


24 thoughts on “Getting potted

  1. You and David are going to pot together (and that is an amazingly good thing in this context). I’m a bit envious — as having no garden is one of the compromises we have made — usually I don’t miss it, except this time of year it was fun — all the anticipation and just getting out in the early spring wonderful weather.

    And you have a great deal to be proud of with your beautiful and brilliant granddaughters– but your daughter/their mom is definitely going to be one busy lady for a while with all the excitement!

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    • Indeed, my lovely daughter and her patient husband are quite busy with all four girls home this summer. In addition they keep up with parents, step parents and mother-in-law.

      As for gardening, I plan to do it until I drop.


  2. Best wishes for a safe and successful birth.
    I like plants, too. Have you tried hanging some plants from the eaves? We have hanging ferns, which we admire. Our neighbors have hanging flowers, which are also very nice.

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  3. I’m so glad that Rita’s man made it home … if only for a short time. It must be so hard on the youngsters but all the new electronics makes it a little easier. I have a friend whose daughter had her husband (in Iraq) in the delivery room via skype of something similar. All the nurses and the Doctor talked to him the whole time it was going on. Amazing. (lots of tears from everyone when it was a successful birth!)


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