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IMG_0688IMG_0695Ever since daughter Connie got her first camera she has taken impromptu photos, some of them less than flattering, of her family members. Above the photo I took of her with brother Richard, and below the photo she took of me “feeding David” something from my plate (2013?).  No, I am not feeding him, merely sharing some of the Thai dish from my plate. (David took a long time learning to eat food from Asia cuisines.)

Bill knows the owner of this restaurant because he replaced the roof on his store. And Bill and Connie love Thai food, so when we get together with them we share a meal at this restaurant.

When I visited Richard and Wendy in Spain, I discovered yes, we would eat Calamari in Seville, but we would eat Thai food in Gibraltar. To which, I said no, I can get Thai food at home with Connie and Bill, so we ate something else. I don’t remember what because I have selective memory when it comes to food.


I spent much of the past few days researching my family tree.  Sometimes I prune branches and new growth appears. Sometimes the new growth is an extension of what I have previously uncovered.

Frustrated with Dad’s part of the family tree, because what I have uncovered has been based on the work of others, beginning with Great Aunts Ruby and (Sister) Lois, I am beginning to wonder if Ruby might have erred when it comes to one pair of fourth great-grandparents. (Each of us has 16 pairs of fourth great-grandparents.)

 According to Cousin Anne, Ruby traveled to New England and worked with a very helpful librarian in Boston.  However, yesterday, I went back to the drawing board and referred to information my Mom wrote in my baby book, and based on that, I’ve uncovered a new line of inquiry. Just call  me Miss Marple.

Did I ever say how grateful I am to my parents for keeping a baby book for me?  I did it for each of my kids, and they did it for theirs.  One of my gifts for Granddaughter Rita, who is expecting a little boy (Haydon) in May, was a baby book. Of one thing I am sure, Grandmother Connie will take lots of photos.

Julia Dominowski 1870

My German (Polish?) second great-grandmother Julia, about 1880. She will be Haydon’s fifth great-grandmother




21 thoughts on “What’s That

  1. Enjoy the info you share about your ancestors and their lives. Really time consuming to try to check it all out. Only have a limited amount on maternal side of my family. When I tried to talk to a paternal aunt before she died, her comment was, “Better to let dead dogs lie.”
    That comment just intrigued me all the more but no one left to share any stories. As for Asian food, I like Thai food but don’t care for highly seasoned food of any nationality, or I should say it doesn’t like me.


  2. If my children ever become interested in tracing their ancestry, they will have a hard time if they depend on my efforts. There are fortunately, however, wonderful distant cousins on both my mother’s and father’s side that are your fellow Miss Marples.

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  3. I’ve learned a lot from your blog, but one small thing that I really appreciate is how you refer to your great great etc grandparents as second-great, third-great… When my sister and I were working on our chart, all those greats got so confusing it made my head spin.


    • Most days I eat the tried and true for me. However, I like some unusual dishes also. If the dish doesn’t cause a bad reaction, I’ll eat it again. I love Japanese Tempura, but often it doesn’t like me so we eat it less frequently. David orders stir fry rice everywhere. He likes rice.


  4. Always interested in your ancestry investigations. We learn from them ourselves when investigating ours, being relatively new at this. Enjoyed the photos! We love Thai food but have never eaten it anywhere other than in the States, either here or on our travels.

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