This and That Wednesday

Above a Schmidley family picnic at Terre Andre state Park in Sheboygan WI, August 12 (Rita and Marge had the same birthday) in the 1990s.


One of the boxes I expected from White Flower Farm came yesterday.  I was concerned, thinking the box contained some of the plants I had ordered, but it was my new pot (I’ll take a photo after I plant my ‘not yet arrived’ new fuchsia in it).

The latest pot is a hand-made in the U.S.A. artisanal bowl, and more expensive and fragile than the made in China $10 flower pots I bought earlier this week at Merrifield Garden Center.

I will empty the new pot in the fall and bring it indoors, or perhaps I will bring the potted plant inside.  I’ve discovered fuchsias do well indoors under my grow light.


Yesterday, we took Johnny and Clare to one of our local dog parks where the county finally set aside an area for small dogs. I am happy the county did this because we had ceased using the dog parks after we noted that foolish millennials who live in the apartments around the park were fond of Labs, Shepherds and other HUGE dogs.

These thoughtless owners are allowed to turn their dogs off leash in the larger fenced portion of the dog park. We had previously used the “big” dog park next to the Four Mile Run, a major waterway here in Arlington.

The county has finally fenced the side of the dog park facing the waterway.  Thank goodness because e coli has been showing up near the Airport, largely from feces runoff from the park (yes, some owners are VERY thoughtless).

In the small dog park Johnny was very fearful, and when a six-month old very rambunctious toy poodle “attacked” him he jumped in my arms, telepathecally communicating, “Mommy save me.” Hopefully he will take a hint from Clare and become more confident in the visits to come.


Driving to the dog park yesterday, David almost ran a police car off the road.  About the age of David’s grandsons, the policeman let him off with a warning. “Do you realize you have a blind spot?” the cop asked. That’s twice in a couple of months David has had either an accident or near accident. The accident totaled his car, so we were in my car. I drove home from the dog park.  I’ve been doing most of the driving, but I thought David would be okay in our neighborhood….wrong.

Today, David is angry with me because I suggested he was not the best driver.  He was always reckless in my opinion, now he’s old and reckless. Whereas David tries to drive like the younger drivers around here, half of them on coke (I suspect), I drive like a little old lady.

I asked David if he wanted me to lie to him.

20 thoughts on “This and That Wednesday

  1. Dog parks can be a problem I see from your experience, but glad some of it is being resolved.
    Giving up driving is difficult and recognizing when the time comes to do so before major accidents maiming or killing ourselves or others occurs (can be $$$ expensive, too) isn’t always easy. Your “truth or lie” question is wise. Think it’s important to consider sensory function and abilities more than age when deciding to change behavior like giving up driving.


  2. I’m having a struggle over the driving issue too. Am waiting for the orthoptist to tell me whether I can try to drive now that I have prisms fitted on my specs. (To help resolve double vision.) The dogpark issue sounds as if the park authorities are doing something helpful for small dogs.

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  3. Since Gregg retired he does all the driving and I rarely do now. I need to keep my hand in. A dog park sounds like such a great idea but only if people pick up after their dogs. Lovely collection of photos there.

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    • Yes the E. coli is an issue. Arlington has a law that requires dog owners remove dog droppings. Most comply, but a few don’t. Even homeowners must remove droppings from their yards. The Four Mile Run originates in Fairfax County, however, which may not have the same ordinance. Nevertheless, we have several dog parks along the run,so we all need to take more care.


  4. Love it. Do you want the truth or a lie.

    I suspect it will be really hard when I have to give up driving. Hopefully it is not in the near future, but it is in the future. I’m very careful these days. I think it is more because I am not in a hurry and I am not as distracted as I once was. I remember my Grandmother-in-law when she had to give up driving. It hurt my heart that she was so distressed over her loss of freedom. I remember thinking that someday that would be me. And someday keeps getting closer and closer. It sounds like David is getting – or has gotten – to that point.

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  5. Driving skills as a person gets older is such a sensitive issue. My mother saw fit to give up her license on her own and my brother and I were thankful. We didn’t have to have the conversation about it.

    Have a great day!

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