The Light I Can See

After months of waiting for John to fix the sliding glass door on the second floor we are almost there.  Because the insulation had deteriorated in the old door, air blew through the window half of the winter until John fixed that issue during a warm spell in January, but in the process he broke one of the double panes in the door with a turn of the screw.

Yesterday, John and his son lifted the broken door out of its frame and John installed a sliding piece of press board with insulation wrapped around the edges.  The door will be like this for two weeks because John says the glass company has to ship the removed panel out to have the “tempered” glass replaced.

Meanwhile, John vacuumed the new porch roof as it had become covered with a million shards of safety glass. I asked him to fix the roll-down shade on the porch, which had blown loose from its moorings, and look at the tree Troy was trimming to ensure the branches he let fall across the wires wouldn’t electrocute him when he tries to finish the job today.

John assured me that the wires with the tree branches lying across them were telephone wires as “your electricity comes in underground.”

Good grief will it never end? John says not.

“I’m on my way home to replace the garbage disposal,” he said.  “I give an appliance seven years.”

David replaced our garbage disposal a seven years ago. Shortly before he had his right hip-joint replaced, that’s how I remember.

The tree Troy is partly removing (I leave the main trunk for the woodpeckers to gnaw) was a Hornbeam that died last summer. Having had the winter to dry out, the tree has produced the most lovely firewood you ever saw, dry and hard as a rock.  I called my daughter and SIL each to let them know we had firewood and kindling galore stacked outside.  The county will haul it off next week if they can’t come get it. When it burns it will make a bright light and a warm fire.


This week, I completed Listen Liberal by Thomas Frank, the fellow who wrote What’s the Matter with Kansas. I so enjoyed the book I read it straight through. If you are wondering why so many people are listening to the xenophobic, misogynist pig Trump, this book is a good place to begin to understand what’s happening.

Concurrently, Thursday Nights, the PBS News Hour features interviews with economists from different ends of the spectrum, who talk about the issues facing most Americans as the rich get richer, the middle class disappears, and the poor struggle. Worth listening to, I think.

Nevertheless, yesterday, right after I read and listened to interviews on the BBC with Belgian women who happened to be Muslim and who disavowed the terrorists, darned if PBS didn’t turn around and do a segment on how racism caused the Paris bombings.  Wrong…..the bombings were carried out by criminals who claimed they were Muslim.  There’s a difference.


I will be around later to visit friends. Meanwhile, below is a photo of my Dad with four of his sisters on his seventieth birthday. Aunt Rita died yesterday, so this is a shout out to my cousins, some of whom are her children and read my blog.


Dad and four of his sisters  (Rita on the far right) on his seventieth birthday (1983), in Nelle’s plantation house in TN (photo on the wall). Only Aunt Bernie (middle) is alive.



28 thoughts on “The Light I Can See

  1. Glad to hear your comments and thoughts on Trump and so-called Muslims. Very reassuring. It must be difficult hearing about the constant fighting over candidacies. Every Blessing. Freda

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  2. PBS is part and parcel of Obama’s “Kumbaya” diplomacy. If Thomas Jefferson, a long time resident of Paris and lover of the French, knew, as a slave holder, that he was responsible for that bombing, he would turn over in his grave.


    • Other than as a Gullah or Negro spiritual song from the 1920s we sang around scout camp fires, which calls upon the Lord for help, I have never understood what Kumbayah means when used in other contexts.

      Now that Palmyra is back in Syrian government hands, thanks to the Russian Air Force, Putin is the new hero. At this point Obama is largely irrelevant, even among Most Democrats.

      I didn’t vote for O, I voted for the old realistic War Hawk McCain, who would have won had he not been forced to add crazy Sarah Palin to his ticket. I will not vote for a crazy person.


  3. Sorry about your aunt. Mine have been gone for many years along with most cousins, then sibling — the family world truly gets smaller for all of us — so much I would like to talk about with them now.

    Glad you’ve finally seen the light! My window glass is okay, but just needs to be cleaned. Did have some outside electrical work converting to motion sensors & fixing an indoor loosey goosey light switch — there’s more, but will stop here as never ends with a house.

    PBS News Hour regular viewing here. Criminals are criminals and should be named as such.

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    • Hi Jo, my windows are still dirty, however, Troy got the rest of the tree sans trunk down and cut into pieces the county will accept. Great firewood. I wish I had a fireplace. Yes house repairs never end it seems.


  4. So sorry to hear about your Aunt Rita. That’s a lovely photo of your Dad with his sisters. I miss our older generation relatives too and have lovely memories of them. As I get older I only wish I had asked them more questions.

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  5. I’m glad you got that door changed. That was a big job though. Our garbage disposal has lasted 9 years so far, so there’s hope. Granted we don’t use it much. Seven years? That’s worrisome! I’m starting to lose a lot of my aunts and uncle too and it worries me, not to mention mom isn’t getting any younger. Sigh..

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  6. There is always something to repair or replace with a house. It never ends.

    It is sad to see the older generation disappear. We have lost our parents, aunts and uncles and my brother says we’re next. Puts things in perspective.


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