Sunday recovery


Sorrel soup with eggs and croutons, Zupa Szczawiowa

David and I attended Granddaughter Rita’s baby shower yesterday, held at her family’s farm in central VA.  The drive down was pleasant enough, with two stops, one at a giant retail drug store to buy eye drops I had left behind, the other at a McDonald’s where David bought greasy sausage biscuits. The dogs whined the whole trip and barked at everyone after we arrived, very nearly biting one of Chris and Rita’s friends.

The drive home, was not so pleasant as the dogs began to whine again and we encountered a fierce rainstorm.  The spray of trucks on Route 66 was awful. I hadn’t slept well the night before and fought drifting off at the wheel the whole way home (I drove most of the way).   David took over after we left the Interstate highway, however, he was so stressed by the drive he had a huge accident in his pants (after he got home, thank goodness).

I thanked David for being a good fellow and making the trip with me.  After a shower and a good night’s sleep, this morning he is rested and feeling much better. The dogs are still crashed out, snoring away.


The Sorrel in my raised bed produced new tender leaves and Kathy is coming over today to pick some leaves for Sorrel soup.  I believe this highly nutritious soup is a Polish dish she learned to make when she was younger and working as a painter in a china factory in the Czech Republic.  Sorrel is a member of the dock family and a good pot green, however, I have planted it where it will probably spread and become a pest so the more she picks, the better.

I got a bit sunburned working in my garden earlier this week.  One of the meds I take makes me highly susceptible to sunlight, and my skin is as white as skin can be anyway, so I burn easily.  This wasn’t always true, however, I have mostly covered myself when outdoors in recent years to avoid sunburn, thus have no “tan.”  Who knew you could be sunburned in March anyway.  The end result was my face was very red when I visited my family yesterday.

Nevertheless, it was good to see my granddaughters again.  Two of them are teaching school.  The oldest Hannah is returning to my Alma Mata in the fall to finish her graduate degree in Education.  She has an art undergraduate degree and had landed a job as art director for a nearby county’s summer program when we last spoke. I believe the job fell through, but she soldiers on.  Her sister Amelia, who has a graduate degree and had been teaching in Newport News until recently is looking for a job closer to home. The youngest girl Joy, is graduating from Tech in two months and sending out job applications.  Joy said her college roommate and best friend, also in the AG program, landed a job as director of horticulture at a plant nursery back home in LA.

Baby mom Rita’s best friend, Danielle was also present for the shower. She is obtaining a PhD in medical science, specializing in breast cancer research.

I find these plans for the future by millennial girls who are not rushing out to marry wonderful.  And as David notes, that baby will be spoiled by all these single aunties.

21 thoughts on “Sunday recovery

  1. Driving in a downpour, especially on the freeway, can be nerve-wracking. Our trip, made on Holy Week, had beautiful weather for which I am most thankful. We did have some drizzle on the first day,but it ended and the sun shined the rest of the way.

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  2. I’m glad you both were able to go. It may be the last trip like this tho. Perhaps without the dogs it would have been less stressful. Is there no other way to get there? Hugs.

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    • The really bad thing is that I’d driven this route a thousand times before Interstate 66 was completed. Today hundreds of trucks doing the job the railways once did of bringing supplies to the city, clog the interstate. Meanwhile the railroad tracks right-of-way has mostly been turned into bike trails. That’s progress they tell us.

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    • We visited before the shower. David felt unwell so we left before the games began. My daughter says the party became very boisterous and noisy, so it’s just as well. We didn’t want to put a damper on the festivities.


  3. The journey sounded horrendous and I think you are both wonderful for tackling it in such conditions. Sounds like it was a wonderful baby shower. I have heard of sorrel but have never tasted it.

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  4. Sorrel has an interesting taste though I’ve never grown it.

    I appreciate your comments about driving on the interstate. We haven’t driven far recently and I am reluctant to take on a long drive any more. We did not hesitate when we were younger. Age has more than a physical effect on us I fear.

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  5. Your travel travails rang a bell with me. I have stopped doing long trips. I just can’t stand the stress. My husband, daughter, and son in law are going to Amsterdam and Paris and I am staying home. I just cannot cope with airports and hotels and restaurants. I am happy for them and I hope they have a wonderful trip but I have reached my long distance travel limit. I can still cope with a 4-5 hour drive but I suppose eventually that will go too.

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    • I personally find the flights I take to San Diego less stressful than driving on the Interstate surrounded by trucks. And pounding rain makes matters worse. I was hoping I had one more overseas trip in my future, but each day my doubts grow. I know my husband will never travel overseas again.

      I too hope your family enjoys Amsterdam. I’ve made several trips to and through that tiny country and love it.

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