This morning. after reading the Washington Post article about the Chicago conflict Sunday between Trump and Sanders supporters, following which Trump called Bernie a Communist, David has been singing tunes from the Mel Brooks musical  The Producers…‘Springtime for Hitler.’  The article followed by David’s vocalization led me to dig out my copy of historian David Clay Large’s Where Ghosts Walked: Munich’s Road to the Third Reich.

A professor in one of my graduate history classes assigned the book and others on Modern Germany (last 150 years). I’ve decided to reread the book, looking for parallels between Germany in the 1920s and our current political situation.


I was pleased to rediscover author Jacqueline Winspeare this weekend.  I read several of her mysteries a decade or so ago before I began graduate school, and am happy to report that despite my exposure to a very large number of history tomes, her books are once more holding my interest.  Winspeare, an English woman, does her homework writing historical fiction about the world her parents knew in England from WWI forward, via her protagonist psychologist sleuth Masie Dobbs. Currently, I am reading,  Leaving Everything Most Loved.

I suggest if you read the series, begin with Masie Dobbs. The books were written in chronological order and take Masie from her life a nurse in WWI through WWII.



Joy in the orange shirt

Granddaughter Joy writes she has been nominated by her sorority, Alpha Zeta (for women dairy science majors) for the Mister and Miss Agriculture Pageant. I’m sure she will have a blast as the shortest pageant contestant ever.  She says you might even see her dressed up. I hope so, she’s almost worn out her mucky boots.



23 thoughts on “Monday

  1. I just ordered Where Ghosts Walked as have been concerned about our nation’s cultural/political trends for sometime and where they could lead. This book as I read a summary of it may be food for even more thought so thanks for mentioning — yes, I, too, have been reminded of The Producers and Springtime for Hitler.

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    • Where Ghosts Walked is great book. Also currently, I am reading Thomas Frank’s Listen Liberal. This is the story of how the Democrats abandoned the New Deal and labor. Both my grandfathers were working class, union men, and Democrat. The first thing the Nazis did was destroy the Unions.


  2. OK… Now I’ll have that tune stuck in my head too. Chicago is very democratic as far as I remember from 8 years ago. I suppose if there’s going to be opposition to Trump, it would come from My Kind of Town. Granted Chicago has its share of really BAD rep with violence, jailed governors, financial crisis, etc.


  3. I love Jacqueline Winspear; she has a new book coming out “Journey to Munich” March 2016 🙂
    “Springtime for Hitler” is going to be stuck in my DST befuddled brain all day now!

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