Sunday in February

I had a great idea for a post. Whatever it was left my head.  Really good ideas come flooding back about 2:00 AM or after I’ve just sent a post to my blog.  If I was more ambitious, I would jot the idea down, but I don’t.  I have notebooks everywhere and forget to use them.

Several people I know have super-duper new phones they talk to.  For example, this week when I saw my GP, he whipped out his phone and spoke the name of a book he recommended  and it popped right up. Ditto Eddie who dug out our cars last week.  He came to the door, said he was walking to the grocery store and asked if we wanted something.  I said we could use some milk.  He took out his phone and said “milk” into the speaker.  Wow.  One of the granddaughters just bought a new phone.  Her Mom says she’s making payments on it…like a car payment. Wow.

I bought a new pair of blue suede shoes this week.


Talking with my sister yesterday, I discovered our brother had another heart attack. A friend called from the hospital to inform her.  “I think that’s number six,” says she.

The backstory on our brother is that he dropped out in the sixties and has been afflicted with a substance abuse problem for many years.

Sister spoke with him while he was hospitalized and he told her she could find him “working” on a nearby thoroughfare.  Apparently he panhandles there.  Sister thinks he lives in one of the nearby shelters. It’s a way of life for some.

Brother spends his “free” time in libraries reading the papers.  He will argue politics with you until you are exhausted. He once told a neighbor of mine from Nebraska who grew up on a ranch, that they had no business raising cattle there.

 Granddaughter Hannah had an unpleasant experience last year when three people crashed her place and sponged off her for months, one of them, a former college roommate who became a nurse and then quit her job after a year or so because she didn’t like working and paying taxes.  I met the girl on several occasions and liked her, but I was shocked to discover she had strayed so far.

The threesome told Hannah they were “working” (I use the term loosely) their way to Oregon and crashing with people along the way.  It’s a way of life for some.

Before David retired as an addiction counselor (his third career), he counseled several people who lived under one of our local bridges, one of them a “well-known” author according to David.  Apparently, this fellow had been “out there” for several years and his family hired David to conduct an intervention. Among the people participating was the man’s publisher who told him he would publish nothing else the man wrote if he didn’t get his act together. Sometimes David’s interventions worked and sometimes they didn’t. In this case it didn’t.


American Kestrel, a very small bird of prey


Demogogue – Politician who lies to idiots and promises things he knows he can’t deliver – H.L. Mencken

28 thoughts on “Sunday in February

  1. I’ve got a voice recorder on my phone’s home screen. Thought it would be a great way to handle all the mental notes I’m always making, not to mention those I jot down everywhere. Except I never remember to use it!

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  2. Oh crap, your granddaughter’s former friends are probably living on the street corner down the block from our apartment in Eugene. (I’m only partly kidding — the city does seem to attract these ‘travelers’ and I don’t know why. Except nobody chases them out — we’re laid back people there, we are!

    Anyway, I am sorry about your brother; at that stage there probably isn’t anything anybody can do. But isn’t it interesting how siblings — the most closely related that it is possible to be — can be so different from each other. LIfe is amazing!

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  3. I hate it when those ideas come and then vanish.
    Sad about your brother. What tragic turns our lives can take over substance abuse.

    As for the crashers, that is all to common a story nowadays. They’ll be even more of it if Bernie gets the helm, except it will be officially sponsored by the government in that case.

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    • Sadly true. What amazes me are the people who say if Trump doesn’t get the nod they are voting for Bernie. Now Bloomberg
      says he’s getting into the race. If he did, I wonder which nominee would lose votes to him?


  4. Elvis has not left the building – he’s still looking for his blue suede shoes lol. Who’s game enough to give him your address 🙂
    I updated my phone recently – well sort of. Fed up with the tiny buttons on my flip phone I changed it for a later model so I could text more easilly. Could go online if I wanted to but don’t feel the need to; I seem to spend enough time there on the ipad or pc, so why use something else? Fancy one of those voice recognition list thingy – siri works a bit like that on the iPad ‘cept I never use it lol

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    • Given my failure to explore exactly what my phone will do, I may already have something like this on my phone, PC, laptop. As if I need it…I can find, purchase, and download a book faster than you can say ‘Jack Robinson.’ Reading them takes a bit longer.


  5. Like you said ‘it’s a way of life for some’.
    Some are drones, some are workers. Some use others, some give.
    There is wisdom in accepting the way of the world and going one’s own path.

    I must say I prefer the easier path of conventionality. Particularly in advanced years. There’s more comfort and peace of mind to be had.

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  6. My problem would be that I would forget to listen to the recordings on the smartphone. I am still using one of the earliest iphones – a 3G – and cannot face changing. Dinosaur or what? So sorry to hear of your family problems, you do well to be so pragmatic. (At least that is the way you sound on your blog most of the time.) Blessings.


    • I’m very pragmatic. No one has been able to change the course of brother’s life and plenty have tried. This is a let go and let God situation.

      I too have old equipment…very old quipment. Something else is always more important.


  7. I’m sorry about your brother. Every family has someone that does their own thing and disappoints the others. I have a niece who is a bartender in a strip bar out on the side of the highway. It makes her happy.

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  8. I have the voice recorder app on my first screen, first row, second app – LOL – so that if I have to make a quick note I can record it before I forget. That is how long my memory is these days – the length of my arm.

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  9. I have a half-brother who had every chance in the world to have a good life but never had any interest in actually working for a living. I haven’t had any contact with him for years. Seems like there is one in almost every family who for one reason or another just never gets their act together.

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  10. I was told that Hawaii has the highest rate of homeless people in the nation. However, the state and city are striving to place them in shelters, so I hope the numbers diminish. Too bad about your brother. That story makes me sad.

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