Dont get around much anymore

Once upon a time, I wrote letters everyday.  Once upon a time I wrote a post every day. Now days, its all I can do to get one or two posts out a week. Anyone who thinks you will have oodles of time when you retire is dreaming.  True, I’m on Facebook more than I used to be, but I limit myself to an hour or less the mornings I am. Today I haven’t been on at all.  This WordPress post will be the first item on FB for me today.

I knew I would be busier when I rejoined the Sport and Health Club, which is as much a social as a physical thing. (It certainly isn’t a weight loss program.)

I get to the pool by 8:00 AM three mornings a week, earlier than many, and leave earlier also.  I don’t like to rush when I walk downstairs to the showers.  The fear of falling again orders my days.

Some of the women who attend various classes are in a hurry and, “I don’t want to get in their way,” I tell my friend Pat.  “Tough titties,” says she who moves like a maniac most days from the food bank to the charity shop to NARFE* meetings.

*NARFE = National Association of Retired Federal Employees.


My daughter is hosting a baby shower for Rita in March, scheduled for the middle of the day, because so many of us will drive from all over the Commonwealth to get to the farm.  I had fun this week shopping for baby stuff. I also bought paper and ribbon.  I have almost finished the baby blanket I’ve been crocheting at night.  Now if I can remember how to wrap a gift.

Rita has decided to deliver her baby boy in Charlottesville rather than the tiny hamlet where she lives with her parents. Makes sense because they have state-of-the-art medical facilities associated with the university. Besides, one of her sisters, Amelia, is moving back to C’ville.  Such a pretty little town.


Lately, I’ve had three books on the go, reading several chapters a day. Can’t do more, my eyes get tired. And my eyes are dry. All three books are political history, two of them by Jon Meacham, and quite interesting.  The third, The Republic of Spin, by David Greenberg, helps counteract the political spin currently dominating the airwaves. But more on them later.

Will touch base with each of you soon. Off now to fix breakfast.


This salad of granny apples or pears, pecans, spinach, mandarin oranges, dried cranberries, celery and an (optional) pasta is healthy and delicious with raspberry vinaigrette.

19 thoughts on “Dont get around much anymore

  1. The salad looks amazing. I like FB (didn’t realize you were on it) but I post very seldom and limit my time to half an hour or so in the morning while I’m waking up and maybe a few minutes in the evening if we watch TV (not too often these days). If we do try to watch regular TV I have to have something to do during the commercials or else I fall asleep.) Mostly when we’re in the mood to veg we watch Netflix for an hour and a half.


  2. That salad looks delicious! I don’t spend time on FB as I soon became disenchanted years ago and lack confidence in how it’s run. My account is still up, but I don’t visit or write there. Yeah, there sure is a lot of “spin” going on and it likely won’t get better. Stay on your feet and off the ice!


    • I have many FB friends. Old work colleagues from several jobs, former classmates, children, grandchildren, blog pals, friends from my bird and gardening groups, cousins, niece, a couple of friends/relatives over seas in the Middle East, book group pals, old friends from my days as a military wife. Some of them read my blog.


  3. The problem is that fb can be a black hole for time. I try to limit myself to two or three days a week. Besides, I hate to say it, but my friends aren’t that interesting — they mostly post pictures of grandchildren or else make (usually obvious) political points. On another subject: why do they call Virginia a Commonwealth instead of a state? Is it just an affectation (I know you guys in Virginia and also in Mass. tend to be a bit snobbish), or is there a real difference?

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    • Commonwealth…old English term meaning common wealth and written into the Virginia Constitution which predates the U.S. Constitution by about 200 years. VA, MA, PA and KY are all commonwealths. The real question is why aren’t all the states commonwealths?

      I too limit my FB time, usually use it while David looks at TV.


  4. The salad looks delicious and I have had similar with a raspberry vinaigrette. I have a Facebook account but rarely use it. Gregg is on Facebook and keeps me in touch with everyone and sends me photos. If he didn’t I probably would be more active on it but my blog keeps me busy. I tend to fear falling after all the falls I have had, and all the sprained ankles. I still have dreadful twinges from them and it’s been a long time since the last one, well, the summer. I keep night lights on everywhere in the house now, but I have usually had my mishaps outside except for one or two inside and in daylight. Taking no chances 🙂 How lovely about your granddaughter’s baby. She will love the blanket your making.

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  5. Facebook is a good way to keep in contact but it can really eat in to your time. I like it a lot as I can keep up with how people are doing ‘back home’.
    I would love to try that salad, it looks beautiful.

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  6. i made a similar salad for the church potluck last week. Pears, cranberries and candied pecans in mine with a large amount of blue cheese. I soak the cranberries in fig balsamic.

    Social media takes up a large part of my life but I do most of it on my iPhone and much of it while I’m on the go.

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  7. I like raspberry vinaigrette. Maybe, I should buy a bottle.
    Too bad you write so seldom. If I don’t post a blog at least every other day, then I feel a part of my life is missing.
    I have never signed up for facebook and probably never will. Lack of interest.

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      • I’m saddened that some of my oldest friends refuse to be on FB and so I am never in contact with them nor do they know what is going on in my life. One of them complained that she doesn’t know what’s going on in my life and when I suggested she follow me on FB, she got angry and said NO. She could also keep up with her grandchildren that way, too, but she just refuses. I don’t get it.

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