A Good Day

Above: Scenes around San Diego.  Joy with a cow…of course.

Daughter Connie is flying home to Virginia today. I’m happy she decided to fly midweek as a winter storm, big or little, take your pick, is threatening the East Coast.  In all probability, whatever finally materializes will affect NY and New England more than it affects us here in the Nation’s capital. That’s usually the case except for one or two storms in previous years that actually were life threatening. Nevertheless, whatever business is being done will grind to a screeching halt.  That’s the way of it hereabouts.

Meanwhile, I have yet to take down my tiny Christmas tree, and pay January bills. snowed in, this will be my project.  Sadly, I spend far too much time procrastinating.


David and I tried to talk about the 2015 federal taxes,but it was almost hopeless.  He can’t remember what he said 2 minutes ago and I can’t follow his logic.

For example, I have begun to create file folders for various categories of receipts and have folders for 2015 and 2016.  He wanted to load the 2014 stuff into the Turbo Tax software and said he gave me the disc from last year, but I have no such thing on hand.  Thus he must load the information by hand.  So, he asked me for the 2014 paper files.  I had a file folder marked 2014, but it was for taxes based on the year 2013.  And so it went as we tried to find common ground.

To top it off, we each received a form from the IRS verifying we had health insurance.  This form must be filed with our tax year 2015 forms to be completed in 2016. Ditto everything else it seems.  What a mess.

I’ve been trying to learn more about tax preparation …just because I should understand how he has been doing them.  I always prepared the household taxes before I married him, and don’t want to be ignorant if and when I have to do them again.


When asked how she was getting along, BJ, whose husband Joe died last year, said she is managing to  “pay the bills.”  She tells me she has a new tax rate because she’s a single filer, i.e., widow. “The IRS and county don’t give you a break,” she says.  She’s gone from a ten percent to a twenty-five percent federal bracket with Joe gone. And she lost half of her household income.

The other fun experience in our Metro area is the property tax which keeps increasing.  The rate stays the same year after year, but the land value increases (as the houses deteriorate). So, we pay more taxes and the local politicians can claim they held taxes down. Ha Ha…tell that to one of the widows around here.


After our water aerobics class this morning, we had a birthday party for KK. Cake, cupcakes, jelly beans and coffee. I had the delicious lemon and fruit bundt cake. Karen, our 70+ instructor took photos. Most of us are retired and dealing with deteriorating bodies. Several are widowed.  A great group of gals. Karen checked the roster as she will notify us if class is cancelled Friday.  “You’re still on the roster,” she told me.  “We knew you’d be back,” said BJ.



32 thoughts on “A Good Day

  1. About taxes — glad you resolved some of issues. My husband always figured our taxes, but I put together the portion associated with my work. Even before he died he began to have difficulty concentrating with disruptions requiring him to go back to the beginning, then starting over — likely short term memory issue. However, when he died suddenly, I procrastinated to the point there was no time to hire a professional to do them. Sr. Center helpers only did simple taxes ruling me out since I still worked part time. I didn’t want to use digital tax program, so I manually labored through them. IRS reviewed forms I submitted.. I’ve chosen to continue doing them, deciding it would be an interesting challenge as I’ve always liked working with numbers. Each year I complete Fed. and State taxes more easily and quickly so I just keep doing them. Sure is important a wife know all about the finances/taxes throughout the marriage as I found there are enough other things that unexpectedly arose after I was on my own.


  2. Yesterday I actually sat down and organized all the receipts for our business. My husband is a financial advisor, but I keep track of receipts in different folders. Still, it’s a huge chore. I feel for you. So sad that your friend finds herself in such an undesirable position with her new tax rate. Wishing you and your friend all the best.

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  3. Everybody else has probably said this, but you might consider getting a CPA. Ours retired this year, and I need to meet with the new one soon. CPA’s have saved our sanity here.
    So sorry that David’s memory is fading so fast.
    Hope you two have everything you need wiith the storm incoming. I’m keeping you in my thoughts.

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  4. Agree with Tom. If I were running for President (perish the thought) my platform would be simple. Tax reform. A flat simplified tax. To me this is the hot button that every single American would listen to. If a candidate said to me “my one priority in year one is a drastically simple tax code”, I would vote for him/her regardless of their other stances because they are usually changed anyway by the weight of the office anyway.

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  5. Taxes … don’t get me started. They need to be simplified. And how can they say there is no inflation when property taxes (and health insurance, too) go up by a few hundred dollars every year? Anyway, is that the Coronado? Pretty swanky!

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    • Kathy, your comment made me very happy. I can see you are a “close” reader. I never meant this post to be about taxes.

      Yes, what made this a good day was my friends who never forgot me and knew I would be back. I’ve attended this class since 2004, but had to take time out from year to year for one surgery or another. Many of the oldest members have died or moved on to retirement homes. That some old pals were still here when I returned after a year and a half hiatus, and that they remembered me and had faith in my return gave me great joy.


  6. For decades we had our taxes done by a tax accountant as our income was high and we had lots of deductions. We no longer have a high income and the deductions are not enough to make a difference. I can do our taxes using a program that is offered by our credit union. Federal tax prep is free but I pay for the state tax prep software. Our life has gotten much more simple in retirement.

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  7. I’m sorry you’re having to deal with all the tax stuff. It worries me if I ever have to do them. I think I would have to just send it all to an accountant.

    My Zumba group is all seniors too so we’re always comparing aches and pains all the time.

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  8. I started organizing my tax papers earlier this month. I was waiting for the Social Security Statement to come in and then I get that form you were talking about. I wasn’t expecting it and didn’t know it was coming or a requirement. I did get a statement when I had Obamacare so I guess it is not surprising. Goodness knows what else I’m going to get or ask to provide that I don’t know about. One thing that always changes is tax preparation.

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