Getting serious


Youngest son John and Dianne (me) at Monticello, c. 1988

Lately, I’m amazed at how outspoken I have become.  Being an Introvert, I have always imagined myself to be a bit reticent. However, others might disagree.

This morning, Sheila, a pool friend, Jewish and born and raised in the Bronx, said “Wasn’t the president wonderful last night?” She was referring to O’s last State of the Union speech, which we did not watch.

“I watched Dr. Blake,” says I, referring to the Aussie series on the PBS UK channel. “I don’t like Obama, and have never liked him,” I continued, somewhat duplicitously, because I do like some of the things his administration has done. “I can hardly wait until he’s out of office, although we might get something worse.”

You like Bernie, says Sheila.

Yes, I responded, but I don’t think he can win in the South. Hillary definitely can’t because of the “gun-control” issue, Bernie might, because he’s from the “Live Free or Die” State of Vermont, where guns have always been important.

“Are you a gun supporter,” asked Sheila.

“I suport the Second Amendment,” I responded…”The Right to keep and bear Arms.  Basically, I don’t want anyone tinkering with the Bill of Rights. My daughter belongs to the NRA, but I don’t.  I think there could be some limits on weapons.  As Ronald Reagan said, you don’t need an AK47 to hunt.

Sheila then told me she liked to keep a small weapon in her house so that if she had to she could shoot someone in the kneecap. My first thought was that I would probably miss.

The conversation continued, but I won’t bore you with the rest.  My point is this, two people can carry on an intelligent political conversation without resorting to anger. Which begs the question, why can’t Members of Congress do this?


Because the bottom of my swimsuit slips down as I hop around in the pool, I ordered a new suit and pool shoes today. The top has great big yellow flowers.  There was a time you would never catch me in something that wasn’t black, but I decided I needed something cheerful. No more dull colors for me, especially in the pool.

Its a miracle that I am sticking with this pool regimen.  I prayed I would be inspired, and I believe HP came through.  I actually miss the pool the days I don’t go.

However, I have difficulty with one of the water aerobic routines. My right side with “replaced” hip and knee joints works fine.  However, the left side of my body is stiff and doesn’t work well, partly the result of a stroke, and partly due to original arthritic joints on the left side.

As he bent over to retrive the keys I dropped for the third time, eighty-nine-year old Vince told me my movement will improve in time. Just keep the Faith!

22 thoughts on “Getting serious

  1. Look how you have stirred the masses. Yes, I would cheer if our elected delegates would be less obstructionist. Yes, Saunders. What would you do if we got Trumped?


  2. Actually, if all members of the congress were allowed “open carry” it might be good. They would eventually kill each other and then we could live our lives unfettered by politics.

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    • Oh Al you always put your finger on the problem. I’m not sure it would solve anything, however. They seem to multiply like fruit flies. BTW my daughter who is a member of the NRA told me our Senator Kaine was once a gun advocate. She’s upset with him now as he has backed off the position that got him elected.

      I hope you read Michael Gerson this week. He wrote a great piece on how O has ruined the Liberal position and Democrat party. Democrats lost the Senate, lost the House, lost the majority of governorships, lost 700-900 state legislative positions since he took office.

      And when Trump wins the next election….😭


  3. I hope Sheila will never have the need to shoot someone in the knee. I think it is terrifying for both the one shot and the shooter. Regarding how MPs conduct themselves in august houses of parliament, a Ukrainian friend told me that no house of parliament beats theirs. Their MPs are forever fighting and brawling so much that this has become their ‘normal’.

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  4. The important thing is to be able to debate and hold different opinions without falling out. I get ashamed sometimes watching our UK Westminster Parliament where stylised behaviour becomes the norm and MP’s become childish as a result.

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  5. I agree with you that Obama has done some good things for this country. I wonder how much could have been accomplished if we’d had a congress that wasn’t all “My way or the highway”. A little compromise and maybe some truly great things could have been accomplished. However, at this time I can’t say that I am fully behind any of the candidates running and there are a few that I cringe when I think of them in the white house. I guess you have to be a bit crazy to want that job anyway. As for gun, I have one and I know how to use it. Still I can see that there are people who should not be allowed to have them. People with serious mental illnesses are among the. I think a better solution is to upgrade the level of mental health treatment in this country. The problem with saying I don’t like a politician is that people assume that you like his/her rival, which isn’t always the truth. Kind of like how you said that you don’t like Obama and your friend made the assumption that you must like Bernie Sanders.


    • You are correct, I like Bernie, but whether I would vote for him is another matter. Yes, we need to spend more money on mental health issues. However, I doubt anything we could have spent heretofore would have helped. In several instances, including Sandy Hook and Colorado, the culprit was already receiving psychiatric care. And Major Hassan was a psychiatrist.

      The truth is we can’t stop everything all the time. Whether we can stop some would be killers like the Sarnov Brothers is another issue.

      As for compromise, it’s a two-way street, and O did little to improve the situation here in Washington.


  6. Different ‘rules and regulations’ here so no comparison with your politics but I get annoyed when what goes on in parliament doesn’t quite fit with what our local member ‘promised’ us constituents when we voted him/her in. Yes, there is compromise in the party room between factions (members of same political party but with differing ideals) but it would be nice if when he/she comes back from Canberra (when not sitting) they filled us all in on how he/she voted in said party room.
    Good on ya for going back to the water, a few months ago I was feeling more tight in the back and joints after the WA classes so gave them up in favour of swimming at different pool. I certainly feel as if I’ve been exercising more after a session there.

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  7. I agree with you, of course that it would be great if Congress could handle the issues in a careful, calm way without so much rancor. I like President Obama. I know many people don’t. I think he’s tried his best to fulfill his campaign promises. I am definitely for stronger gun controls. You can keep that 2nd amendment if we must, but for goodness sakes… with some common sense. I don’t think Obama was asking for much or enough with the stricter background checks. As for the AK47s, I agree with you 100%

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    • Actually, regarding the AK47, you are agreeing with Ronald Reagan. I was merely quoting him. As for O, I know he was trying to keep campaign promises, however, so were those Republicans he often disparages. You can’t work on compromise if you won’t compromise on anything. And that goes both ways.

      Even when compromise was worked out by the “Gang of 8,” composed of Democrats and Republicans, Obama and far right and far left Congresspeople refused to agree. Too bad, because it left a mess.


  8. I admire your stick-to-it-ive-ness with swimming. Hate to admit it, but miss too many zumba classes…Congress unfortunately has too many uncompromising, narrow-minded legislators who may not be uneducated/ignorant, but sure seem to be.

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