Le weekend


A few years ago, I learned the French had no words for “the weekend” and thus had adapted the expression used here in the States. The Spanish say ‘fin de semana’ or “end of the week.”  I don’t know what others call it, but the fact that our expression has been adopted by people who don’t speak English tells us that weekends are comparatively new occasions and they originated here in the States.


Even in retirement weekends go by too fast.  However, after a busy week, yesterday (Saturday) was a drag, as it rained and rained. Sunday (today) is a bit brighter, although grey and soggy, but we have much to do. We got up later than usual, so we are already behind. We went to bed later because Saturday nights actually have something I enjoy watching on TV…Red Cap, and Vera with Brenda Blethen.

We don’t watch much commercial TV, only the local news and weather around 6:00 PM.  This translates into “I have no idea what is on the other, non-PBS stations.” As the election heats up and the lies intensify, I have less and less reason to watch commercial TV.

Reading is my outlet…books, newspapers, magazines…and working crossword puzzles, playing Solitaire and Scrabble, and fiddling with Facebook where my grand children, cousins and old friends hang out from time to time.

I haven’t colored in my coloring books lately, because I’m crocheting a baby blanket for my great-grand son, due in May.

Meanwhile, during the week, I resumed my water aerobics class and am looking at resuming Yoga as my body adjusts to more exercise.


Kathy served David and me, neighbor Sue and Brother Dunstan lunch on Friday. We had fun discussing political candidates, Hitler, immigrants, animal cruelty, new laws, guns, and health insurance.

Luncheon came with a fruit compote and cake for dessert.  Inspired, yesterday I made a Granny apple-cranberry compote that looks like red applesauce with lumps.

We tried to put the compote over oatmeal this morning, but we messed up the oatmeal so I threw it out. We substituted ice cream for breakfast with the apple-cranberry compote. I’m trying to get more fruit and veggies in our diet, so I hope this counts.


19 thoughts on “Le weekend

  1. It’s really strange that the weekend is so significant even in retirement – it gives permission for time out. I’m with you, though, and like the idea of hibernation. Blessings from Freda

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  2. Usually once a week I cut up a bunch of fruit and then add plain yogurt to it…that makes a good breakfast and I start most of my days with that. As it gets colder I might use your suggestion and put it over hot oatmeal.

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  3. I’m forwarding Maxine to my daughter, who loves Winter rainy gray days because she says her body and spirit need a time to hibernate! I get depressed when I can’t go outside so, that is why she is there and we are here!

    Your breakfast sounds delicious. Why not? Fruit compote and a dairy product … Two important food groups!

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