Colder days and nights


Granddaughter Joy in a dress, what a shock.  I didn’t know she owned one.  At a wedding in New York, 2015

Finally the weather has changed.  Sadly plants that thought spring had arrived are now dropping dead to the ground. Acccording to our weather guy, our temps are “normal” for this time of year…whatever normal is. Generally in our society, normal means average, but average is not normal. There is no normal.

For most of us, normal means “what we are used to,” the familiar.  For me, the familiar is a dog. Speaking of which I took Johnny for his annual physical and he’s A-OK.  Five hundred dollars later, I am telling him he’s not going to college…I can’t afford it.

I know the Pope said we shouldn’t spend money on animals, but when it comes to Economics, the Pope admits he’s ignorant.

Years ago, a woman at work said the same thing to me…”it’s sinful to spend money on animals.” This gave me an opportunity to explain the multiplier principle from Economics 101.  Every dollar I spend comes back to me multiplied.  When I spend money at the vet’s office, I am helping to support jobs. People in these jobs pay taxes. Taxes support Soial Security and a range of other outlays that affect me.

The only money I begrudge the vet’s office is the cost of medicines. The flea and tick med I bought yesterday for two dogs is over $200. I suspect the big drug companies are raking in excess profit.


This week, I rejoined my water aerobics class at the Sport and Health Club. Seventy-six-year old Karen is still the instructor and many of my old friends, some of whom I see when shopping at Trader Joe’s, are still there.  All of us are 65 and older, a few in their 80s. Even so, we have a vigourous workout. Karen swims the Chesapeake Bay marathon every year, so she’s no slouch when it comes to putting us through our paces.  I’m on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday morning schedule, leaving afternoons and Tuesdays and Thursdays for other things.

I had lost so much weight since my last exposure to the pool, the bottom of my swimsuit kept slipping down.  I’ll have to buy a new bottom. Fortunately, Lands End sells swim suit separates.


K (she has an Indian name a half a block long and she’s also a retired engineeer) asked me if I was still reading and writing.  The pool is not just where you exercise, its where you meet interesting people too.  I told her yes.  She asked if I was still taking classes. I told her no, I didn’t like the driving back from the university at night.

Sometimes I really miss classes, however, the drive home at 10:30-11:00 PM was a killer. Owing to cataracts, David drove me to classes during the last year.  These days, neither of us likes to drive at night.

Thus we make some concessions to age, because as my friend Nash says, “It is what it is.”

31 thoughts on “Colder days and nights

  1. My daughter’s a vet, so I don’t care what the Pope says, spend money on your animals! (Btw, she elected veterinary school over medical school b/c she felt that animals are innocent victims while humans bring on most of their own problems)

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    • Granddaughter Joy is contemplating a return to grad school (VA Tech) after her sojourn in New Zealand. She would like to become a vet…maybe. Of course for Joy it would be large animals…cows! At present she is conducting research on cows testing whether they pass along antibiotics they are given. This translates into checking urine, manure, milk and veggies grown with manure. VA Tech is one of the top four agriculture research universities in the world. She says she loves research.🐮


  2. All three of my children have dogs and the expenses that go along with that. I think I am the only one without an animal companion but I like to travel and can’t do both. I guess we all do what we love most…and can afford.

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  3. Various studies reported in the media of the past couple decades have also credited pets as helping lower blood pressure and offering other health benefits, especially among elders. i mostly stopped driving at night in my 40s due to vision problems.

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  4. You don’t me but I read all of the bloggers that are on my cousin Kay (Musings, Traveler’s Wife) lists. Money spent on the pets that help balance us emotionally and mentally is like spending money for a psychiatrist. And those pets give us unconditional love, and vice versa. Well worth whatever we spend to keep them healthy and happy!

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  5. I can’t remember the last time I wore a dress. Or let anyone see my bare legs…. Or drove at night except under bright streetlights. My husband is going to go to the pool for physio on his hip. The chlorine in the water irritates my skin but I’ve heard it’s excellent exercise.


  6. Water aerobics sounds wonderful, exercise and company. I do go to the gym during the day. Driving in the dark is not for me either during winter and our icy street time. Navigating the speeders and pedestrians (lots of college students here) is a daylight event for me . At least we have little or no snow. I’m missing taking classes too. Instead I catch up on my reading and write letters. I quit sending Christmas cards to faraway friends and January is catch up letter time for me, snail mail and all.

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  7. Did the Pope really say we shouldn’t spend money on animals? Was it the current Pope? I’m not Catholic so it really doesn’t matter and it probably wouldn’t even if I were Catholic. I can’t imagine not having my furry creatures around me!

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  8. I don’t drive at night, either. Hubby doesn’t mind it, though.
    As for spending money on animals, well, if you don’t mind it, then why should anyone else?
    Glad you are enjoying the water aerobics.

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  9. Thanks for the common sense about the trickle down and onwards economy. As for the cost of vets fees, we seem to be around a third of your charges, or maybe even less. And we get so much pleasure with the dogs, it is well worth it. Blessings from Freda

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  10. When I was in school we only wore dresses. I vowed when I grew up I would live in jeans 24/7. I do live in pants now but I’m not sure if it is a hold over from childhood or just because I can’t squat anymore and I don’t want anything showing when I bend over.

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  11. Agree with you on the normal definition.

    Also, good explanation of trickle down economics, but you didn’t go far enough. The money you give to the vets (and the drug companies) is used by their employees to spend and buy things which continues the cycle and on and on. The same applies to the rich. The people that complain about people with yachts and mansions and great wealth have no idea how many businesses, (both service and sales types of businesses) thrive to supply these “idle” rich. And again, on and on it goes. And that doesn’t even account for the charitable giving that gives millions to other causes. If the country ever goes truly Socialist, it won’t take long for our economy to unravel.

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