A New Year

Rita, pretending to be pregnant, 1985

Rita, pretending to be pregnant, 1985

Most of the folks I know were happy to see the back of 2015. Now that I have written the first 2016 check (electricity bill), I open the paper and what do I see…more of the same.  However things have to go up when they are this far down, don’t they?

Remember the 1960s-1970s Kingston trio song that began with the following line….Oh they are rioting in Africa and fighting in Spain, there’s a hurricane in Florida and Texas needs rain…..

Yesterday some wag circulated a clip from an Archie Bunker’s shows (All in the Family?) where he goes on TV as Mr. Average Citizen speaking out on hijacked planes and gun control. Archie said the solution was to hand every passenger a gun at takeoff and take them back when the plane landed.  I couldn’t help laughing because the next thing I saw on the Facebook feed was a Trump advert.


Daughter Connie, SIL Bill, and very pregnant granddaughter Rita visited yesterday. We had a spirited discussion concerning guns which David slept through in his recliner while Bill played with his dog and said nothing.  Connie and I are at nearly at opposite ends of the spectrum on this issue.

However, I had prepared some homemade Tuscan white bean and kale soup and fed the girls, so we didn’t get angry. Pop, that’s what we call David, made a pot of shade grown coffee and after I let the girls smell the bag of coffee beans, Connie and Bill enjoyed a cup. Rita has sworn off caffeine during her pregnancy.

Thus we had a great visit despite political differences.


After reading the first part, I returned The Evolution of Everything, a book I mentioned in an earlier post….too nihilistic for me. According to a Washington Post book review in today’s paper, an ultra-conservative member of the British House of Conmmons wrote this book and he sounds like an Ayn Rand devotee.

I am now reading Meacham’s book on G. H. W. Bush and enjoying it.  Well, as much as I can enjoy a biography. I’d rther be reading a history, but in a way this is a history of our time.  Except of course Bush comes from a very upper class family and there is little I can relate to. Nevertheless, the mores of his generation (The Greatest Generation) were those of mine…and a world sadly gone missing.


Having survived the holidays and arrived in January weighing what I weighed at the end of November, I am getting back on track with exercise.  I rejoined the Sport and Health Club last Friday, and just in time because I was so stiff this morning from the seasonal cold, I could hardly move. Mage inspired me to get back into the swing of things.  You can check her out at her Postcards blog.

22 thoughts on “A New Year

  1. Here we are surviving floods and giant lakes on the streets. Somehow I got caught driving in pounding rain, less than 2 miles from the house, unable to move. Just like the el nino of 83.

    George came out of the scope with no cancer or ulcers. A hiata?l hernia, a redened stomach lining, and a problem with his liver. Change his diet and exercise more. Oh, he doesn’t want to.


  2. A good bowl of homemade bean soup will cause almost any political argument to simmer down. Now if you can just find a way to introduce some of that good stuff to all of our politicians, good things may yet be ahead in 2016.


  3. Political differences arise but as long as they can be discussed without violence and then a good meal or cup of coffee can be enjoyed together at the end, all is well. I pretty much keep quiet here in Florida … We are registered blue staters in a sea of red and are not gonna change anybody’s mind ( senior citizens are so inflexible you know ;))! ). However the idea that some of these neighbors are carrying scares me to death when I think about it.

    Happy New Year … May it get better.


  4. I have a relative who thinks she would be a better wife than me when it comes to finding a mate for my husband. Boy, I have to laugh. What has a sweeter personality have to do with marriage? They would end up hating each other, because she is a vegetarian and he is a meat lover, and also because she is a devout Mormon and he despises Joseph Smith, the founder of that religion.
    I am the better wife, simply because David and I share the same interests and values.

    Anyway, I hope Rita ends up happily married. That baby needs two loving parents who get along.

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