One last post

No, I’m not giving up blogging, just 2015, the year that almost was.  Pundits on the left and right are moaning about the insanity emanating from people everywhere, from the elementary school authorities who sent a girl home because she carried a lunchbox to school with that known terrorist Wonder Woman painted on the outside, to the German youth who killed himself while attempting to rob a condom machine with a homemade bomb.

When we think about contemporary weightier matters, it’s good to remember that 100 years ago the world was embroiled in a world war (1914-1918) that killed seven million civilians and nine million combatants. Concurrently in the latter part of that war, 50-100 million people died from the flu.

While weighty, our current problems, including climate change seem small in comparison.

Youngest granddaughter, Joy, tells me she will never marry, she likes cows better than men. she graduates in May, she’s headed to New Zealand to work on a dairy farm for a year.  Given almost every photo I have of her from the past few years involves a cow, I think this is a good thing.


I read this week that each evening before you go to bed, you should recall three good things that happened that day.  Some days, it’s a stretch for me to remember three things.

The good news this week is Johnny is healing nicely.  His vet Dr. Kay called this morning and asked afer him.  He sees her again next week for his annual physical.

The other good news is that Handyman John will be by next week to work under the house and on the woodwork around the sliding glass door in David’s room.  He says the latter problem can be fixed in an hour or two.  Thus, he is turning a mountain into a molehill.

The third good news, and not the least important, is that Rita discovered her baby is a healthy little boy. Now if daddy comes home safely from Yeman all should be well.

So, I could find three things to be grateful for.  An attitude of gratitude shall be my mantra for 2016.  Happy New Year!



24 thoughts on “One last post

  1. I agree with you about our problems, except for climate change: I’d say that one’s a biggie 🙂

    I give thanks for five things (at least) every day. It helps foster a positive attitude on even the gloomiest of days. On those days, when I’m struggling to be thankful for anything, I have three people and two dogs who I’m grateful to have in my life. On happy days, I’m grateful for trivial things, such as cheese & onion crisps (I LOVE them).

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  2. Happy New Year Dianne – yes we all made it 🙂
    Positive Attitude is what I’m aiming for this year Hopefully it works and I don’t get dragged under again. Now that wasn’t very positive was it lol

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  3. My granddaughter is currently in New Zealand for 6 months and judging by her photos and her own experiences it is a beautiful country. Thank goodness for skype though – it is lovely to be able to catch up on video. Every Blessing for 2016 when it comes.

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    • The time has come for me to learn more about Skype. I know they filmed the Lord of the Rings there, and I know it is a beautiful place.

      Joy is doing agriculture research (her degree is in agriculture science -dairy) and a school in New Zealand partners with Virginia Tech on the research! I love talking with her and I’m sure to learn more over time.

      She plans to go for her PhD when she returns.


  4. I’m a big believer on that gratitude list as you retire for the evening. I do something similar with the grandchildren when they are here. We lie in bed and recall all the good things that happened during the day. There are far more than three things, usually.

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