Sunday catchup

Above: l. Chris and Granddaughter Rita (he’s now in Yemen, so we pray for his safe return in July) 2. Photo Rita posted on  FB for Chris.

John Lennon once told his son, “Life is what happens to you when you’re making other plans. Having finished Bitter Pill, the book about the U.S. Health Care System, by Steven Brill, I can pretty much agree.

I recommend the book, which although tedious in places, fascinated me.  However, I worked for the U.S. Congress, several small businesses, and a large corporation, before I became a civil servant cranking out statistics for the U.S. Census Bureau, so perhaps I am a political junkie?

I formed several conclusions…

1.Republicans should just shut up about repealing the ACA.  We need national health care of some kind and perhaps the better thing to do would be to follow Bill Clinton’s advice and “mend, don’t end” the law.

2. Don’t blame doctors or the insurance companies for skyrocketing costs for health care.  Look at Pharmaceutical companies and hospitals.  And look at the way we all take care of ourselves or don’t.


Today I began reading Matt Ridley’s Evolution of Everything.  I also have Jon Meacham’s Destiny and Power on the go.  When my eyes are tired, I tun on my Audiobook, Treason at Lisson Grove, by Anne Perry. My GP recommended the latter.


We experienced a few curve balls over the holidays including a sick dog and a new problem with the house.  I got the dog to his vet yesterday and he is now on antibiotics, both oral and a topical spray. We go back to see his vet January 6.

The house issue involved yet another leak, this time around the sliding glass door in David’s bedroom which faces South. This is getting ridiculous.  I told David I am cancelling the termite protection service.  I am at the point where I don’t care if the termites eat the whole damn house.  David, who, in his present state of mind is detached from house issues said, “Whatever!”

My SIL sent two of his men over who got wet trying to plug a hole in a rotting window frame using caulk and my hair dryer. SIL Bill says I need a new door and frame.  So, I called the neighborhood handyman John, and he’s doing some research. Meanwhile, if the rain stops for 24 hours this week he’s going to install a dehumidifier and lay a tarp under the house to help keep the damp out of the flooring. This particular damp, you my recall, came from the leak the plumber fixed in October.  It is also the case that our house sits in a wetland (why we built rain gardens) with a high water table.


Excepting the crises around here, I had a lovely visit with my daughter and granddaughters over the holidays.

Daughter Connie’s regular gym visits have inspired me, so I rejoined the Sport and Health Club where I will once again see my friends and use the pool.

Connie’s flying to CA in January to visit her brother and his family.  She plans to hike with Bill in the Rockies in June.  She says she is going to do things before the arthritis takes hold.



23 thoughts on “Sunday catchup

  1. Yemen… wow.. I will keep him in my thoughts…. there are so many weather woes this year.. and illnesses..I am down with what I think is bronchitis….. as is daughter and sister.. we shared well this holiday season….

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  2. As our house as well as my husband and I have aged, we all three require more upkeep and more major projects. Nether of us is DIY-prone so we are building with features to accommodate my stroke-survivor challenges. Hopefully we will be in it in another month or two. From this post and previous mentions, Handyman John sounds like a treasure. Best wishes on your and David’s maintenance of home, health and spirit in 2016.


  3. Sorry to hear about the rain and wet problems. The weather seems to be going daft in all sorts of places round the world. At the moment it is as warm as some spring days, but Storm Frank is gathering force to batter the country again. Hang Tight as they say on American TV programmes – (at least I think they do) and I hope things get sorted out soon. Blessings from Freda

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  4. I agree with you on the termite protection. I think it is a bit of a rip off but if you’re selling a house you almost have to say it’s been “protected.”

    I also agree on the health care, except for the non-coverage “tax.” The fact that the government can make you buy something or “tax” you for not doing it, is a horrible, horrible precedent. The SC really fell down on the job there. We need to amend the hell out of this debacle and make it an affordable plan national plan that you sign up for on a given date. Pre-existing conditions would be included in if you do so. If you don’t too bad. Later if you get a condition, sorry, it’s too late to jump in just to get that covered. That’s why they call it insurance!!!


  5. I liked the last snippet. Doing things ‘before the arthritis takes hold’ is immensely good advice. I wish I’d thought of it earlier.

    Sorry about the house problems; we have a few of our own to deal with but workmen just don’t appear when they say they will. You’re right, there comes a time when you just don’t care. It’s a race between who lasts longer: the house or you (me).

    Happy New Year, Dianne, may 2016 not be the kind of bummer 2015 was. Mind you, as I said to Beloved’s son when he made his duty phone call and asked how we are: “How do you expect us to be?”

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    • Oh I over those “duty” phone calls. I love it even more when the photos of the gathering with the in-laws and their in-laws arrive. (Not kidding, I’m talking about the in-laws of the in-laws at the big “family” gathering everyone but you attended). Mom used to say “sharper than a serpent’s tooth…” I’m sure you know the quote.


  6. What a beautiful couple!!
    Sounds like you have been reading a couple of interesting books. You are very right about the cost of healthcare. If we would do the things that we know we should to take care of ourselves, we could have a lower cost to everyone.
    Houses- it is always something!! Good luck!!

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  7. When I sold my house and moved into an apartment, I just felt like I couldn’t take care of all the little things that kept happening. Even though I miss having my own home, it really is nice to call someone else and not write a check. O

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