Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Dianne 1942-1

Dianne, Christmas 1942, East Texas (the tree is to the right)

This will be my last post until after Christmas day.  I can’t believe how quickly the holidays crept on me.  I don’t mail many cards anymore, but I will get a few out this weekend.  I got my little tree up, but the Fontini nativity scene is stiil in boxes.  My collection of Santas is set up on the dining room hutch but the parrots don’t fly near them or have much interest in them so they are safe.

I ordered several items from the Trappist Abby, including a Bavarian torte which I will feed anyone who drops by. David and I have been sharing ‘praylines’ made by an order of nuns in Texas. They pray while they make these little candies.

David and I have talked about church on Christmas Eve.  Hopefully we will get further than talk and attend services at one of our local places of worship, perhaps the Cathedral of Saint Thomas More where one of my sons made his Holy Communion, or even Trinity Episcopal where we were married.


The county plans to tear down the big 107-year old Presbyterian church up the street and install ‘affordable housing’ i.e., apartments in a six-story building. Bound to happen I suppose as the church members have died or moved to greener pastures and sold the land.  Meanwhile, the Methodist and Luthern churches on the north side of Route 50 are expanding their buildings.

Given our neighborhood is full of aging-in-place seniors (mostly old women) who have become impoverished over the years as salaries in our county increased to a median of $107,000 per annum for a couple,  and the cost of housing increased until a two-bedroom apartment now runs over $2,500 per month means the affordable housing will have many familiar applicants.



Granddaughter Rita with a willing substitute for her new baby carrier.



28 thoughts on “Have yourself a merry little Christmas

  1. And a Merry Christmas to you, Dianne.
    It behoves us to enjoy every minute as much as we can, who knows what future there is; in Germany they say: we’ll never be as young again as we are today, so make merry if you can.

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  2. those praylines sound divine. Maybe I should look into those as I love that kind of candy. We’ve suddenly been overtaken here with chocolate of all sorts which does not appeal to me.

    This was the year I gave goats milk soap in all those gift bags I give out to teachers and such. I delivered the last two bags yesterday. I think I can relax for the next few days before we start another flurry of activity around here.

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    • You are a busy gal. To order the pralines, look online for the Trappist Monks or Abby. The nuns are listed in their delightful Christmas catalogue. Otherwise, the phone number for the nuns is 800-472-0425. They are the Nuns at Saint Benedict Monastery in Canyon Texas.

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