Good fun

IMG_0854Hubby, who once had a very secret clearance, received a message this week that hackers who broke into the Office of Personnel Management’s computers may have compromised his data. In other words, the feds lost his personal information.

I’ll say this up front, anyone who thinks that Edward Snowden is or was a hero needs her head examined, as Dad used to say.  Anyone betrays their government is a traitor, a turncoat, an enemy.


I feel slightly guilty.  Slightly. Thursday was a very good day.  I finally bought a new chair for me.  My ratty old chair is threadbare, and now even the slipcover my granddaughter made is ratty.  A combination of wear and tear from me and parrots and dogs.

The photo above shows samples of the woodwork and fabric for my new chair which under construction in NC, i.e., made in the USA.

All kinds of ‘self talk’ went through my head, such as “Why are you buying a new chair at your age…you will probably die before you wear it out!” Well too bad, negative self, I gave my sofa to my daughter and have been using friend’s chair to fill the space.

Besides, I intend to have my old chair recovered in a fabric with big flowers, chrysanthemums or peonies. I’ve wanted a chair like this ever since I saw one in an episode of Adam Dalgliesh where the detective interviewed a little old lady witness who lived in a cottage along a river.  Odd perhaps, but when I watch those English mysteries, I always look at the settings, especially the furniture.

My new chair is called the Fairfax, after Lord Fairfax…a local eighteenth century Tory who packed up his family and moved back to England because he was loyal to the British Crown. His daughter was Anne Fairfax, George Washington’s first love.



12 thoughts on “Good fun

    • I will post a photo when the chair arrives although it will be probably be March when it does. My mother had the most beautiful furniture. Dad was a lumber broker for many years and often the mill owners “paid” him with apiece of furniture. Mom said she would have preferred cash. 😉

      Most of the furniture in my house was made in NC or on the east coast if it’s an antique.


  1. I have a really really old chair that was our grandmothers I’m told. It has been recovered a couple of times and needs it again. So if my mom is 98, this chair has to be an antique! I’ll try to remember to take a picture. It’s got the engraved wooden edges on the arms and 4 wooden feet.


  2. When my tenant moves out on Dec 11, I plan to buy a new easy chair for that room. I will look for end of year clearance sales. I would like a leather chair, because it is easy to clean.
    Do post photos of your chairs, when they arrive.


  3. I love the idea of the big flowers on your chair. Please post a photo. I’m wanting new furniture for the family room and would love something like that. Of course, it has to cost almost no money!

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    • Given I still have a balance to pay on my new chair when I arrives and the new chair won’t be here for 10 weeks or so, I will have some time before I can send this old chair out for recovering. I will post photos of each chair as it becomes a material fact.


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