The Second Time Around

I had a post prepared and it disappeared.  I wouldn’t care but I dislike typing on this laptop.  I am/was a touch typist and now I’m two fingered Sal.  Annoying.  I’d buy a new desktop computer for my study upstairs, but I’m saving my money for mundane things like paying federal taxes next April and having Sears vacuum the heating/cooling air ducts again.

The post was mostly trivia which is okay with me.  In fact, I like it.  I live one day at a time, in the present moment. Oh sure I plan a few things, but I’m loose about it.

For  example, this month I am reading America’s Bitter Pill : Money, Politics, Backroom Deals, and the Fight to Fix our Broken Health Care System, by Stephen Brill.  I plan to read a chapter a day, but I know some days I will read more and other days less.

I found the book on the New York Times list of Notable Books.  I thought it might not be boring, and indeed it isn’t.

I’ve also been working crossword puzzles and puzzle puzzles, crocheting, coloring, eating sweets, and generally enjoying second childhood.

Why not?  red-yarn-ball-sm





24 thoughts on “The Second Time Around

  1. Sounds great to me. Pity about your other post. It is frustrating to lose one’s thoughts written down, and then puff! Gone! I haven’t had that happen in a while but know the feeling well. Still a very enjoyable read Dianne.


  2. I love the way that you always have the “snow” falling at this time of the year. How do you do that? You are much more savvy with the computer than I am !


  3. Is that the book that details how Johnson & Johnson was pushing pills for non-approved uses? I heard an interview on the radio about it. Anyway, the whole health-care thing — too complicated for my tiny little mind. All I can say is, for me anyway, Medicare works pretty well.


    • Brill is a Time Magazine reporter. It’s quite possible NPR interviewed him when he was publicizing his book. Yes, there are many scandles associated with the ACA.

      As for my interest, one of the papers I wrote for a graduate history course on Twentieth Century Britain was about the NHS. I have a long term interest in all things medical that dates to my Demography graduate degree when I took courses with epidemiologists and people working on medical degrees. Great fun and I enjoy all things related to medical and health issues.

      Medicare works quite well for most seniors. However, much more could be done to curb wasteful spending and fraud.

      You don’t have a tiny mind as you well know!

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      • So how are you feeling. How is he feeling. LOL
        I too am in my second childhood and still working my way through the Francis’s. When the dentist wandered away to grind a little more off my new crown, I grabbed my book and read enthusiastically until he reappeared again.


  4. I become most annoyed when the computer eats something I’ve written but quickly cease to fret about it as am determined to not allow my health to be undermined by my anger.

    Glad you’re keeping your brain cells active. Book sounds interesting. Seems unlikely any reasonable compromises will be reached in my lifetime to provide a simple workable heath plan. Each extremist group at opposite ends of the idea pole manages to sabotage the others plan in such a way as to foist on to the American public a mess — or, will they be able to tweak what we currently have into a better program?


  5. Your relaxing activities sound wise for stimulating those brain cells. We wouldn’t want them to go dormant! I try to keep mine activated, too — sometimes even exploring controversial issues, but I don’t suppose that interests you (ha!) 😉


  6. Play is good for the spirit! and this is the season for indoor games! I don’t think you’re in danger of slipping too far into that second childhood however — I’ve never known a child to read the way you do ;>>),

    You’ve learned the art of patience and not sweating the small stuff too …. I get upset when I lose a comment on somebody else’s blog, can only imagine I’d explode if I lost my own .


  7. As the only time one can enjoy second childhood is when one is nearing ones dotage what other opportunity is there?

    The best thing about it is, that at this time of live, one doesn’t care what anyone else might be thinking.

    Hurrah, freedom at last!

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