Will we or won’t we?  Shall we or shan’t we?  My daughter and her husband have asked us to drive to their farm for Thanksgiving.  We have done this once in the five years they have lived “way out there.” When they lived in Falls Church, a fifteen minute drive away, it was easy to get together. Sometimes her family came here and sometimes we went there.

Because I was working outside the home, and had my own money, many Thanksgiving Days I simply paid for a meal out. It was wonderful.  We ate in many lovely restaurants downtown and around the city.  Sometimes we drove out to Leesberg, an old Independent (Colonial) City to the west. Sometimes we drove to other far-flung places. Some years we drove to Fredericksburg where the kids and I lived while I attended Mary Washington College (now university). But that was then. Today, its difficult to pry us out of our “easy” chairs.


 Id like to see the farm again. When we last visited, Bill had completed bulldozing an area in the woods where he planned a pond.  He found a spring that would feed it, all he had to do was create a hole in the ground.

At the edge of these woods are the remains of trenches from the Civil War.  The battle of Brandy Station was fought near here.

When people think of trench warfare they think of WWII, but trench warfare was invented long before. Robert E. Lee established trenches across the state of VA, and filled them with Confederates.  His goal…to keep Union troops from advancing south toward Richmond. This is why so many battles were fought in VA.

The Confederate trenches stretched from east of Fredericksburg to the Shenandoah Valley and mountains in the west. You can still see the remants in several places…kind of like Hadrian’s Wall in northern England or Offa’s Dyke that marks part of the boundary between Wales and England.

The Civil War was America’s greatest war and it was a “total war.” Total war was invented by Napoleon amd it involved the shelling of settlements and the death of civilians. Prior to Napoleon, armies met in areas away from cities that became Agincourt.

Okay, I’m lost now, thinking about history.  Better close and make breakfast.


30 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. Thanks for explaining about Total War – I hadn’t really understood that well enough. I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving when it happened.


    • Toe is in great shape. Saw the doctor yesterday so I am good to go. This is the only way I can see the granddaughters, especially the girl who is expecting as she is driving from the Tidewater area. David acquiesced but on the condition he decides when we leave. 🙃


  2. You’ve left us still wondering … will you or won’t you make the journey … and will it be your next blog entry complete with photos? Have a lovely Thanksgiving wherever you have it.


  3. My younger sister and her husband are coming 300 miles to have turkey with me and they are bringing it all with them! This is a first, hope I’m not dying and no body told me! LOL. Actually I am really pleased. They made reservations to stay in a hotel (we all like our space in regular doses) and I’m pretty excited. I like staying home after all those years that I loved driving anywhere. Life changes.

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  4. Apart from being ‘comfy’ at home I imagine that (for you) a lot of travel decisions depend on the weather forcast.
    LOL My first thought on seeing the last picture was a bushfire had gone through – then realised it was deciduous trees minus foliage

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  5. I have the same problem about traveling. Being at home is a habit just like running the roads as a teenager was. Sometimes we have to force ourselves. Other times we stay home and are just glad to be there.

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  6. Now, we have drones to kill people.
    Hope you get to go to your daughter’s home for Thanksgiving. It will be nice to get out of the house and experience a different place for a change.


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