Parents, worry and tough times

My great-grandmother Francis Nichols., Greenbay WI, circa 1884.

My great-grandmother Francis Nichols., Green Bay WI, circa 1884. (I think this is a wedding photo.)

Awake at 1AM again, slept fitfully the rest of the night thinking about the mêlée in Paris. A reporter we heard interviewed a man whose daughter, trapped in Paris, reached him on her cellphone.  A wealthy and famous man, he had chartered a plane to fly to Paris this AM and retrieve his daughter who had escaped to shelter somewhere in the city until his arrival. I wept while I listened to him relate his parental anguish and felt sympathy for all the kids trapped in the city by murderous thugs, as well as their anguished parents.

But this is not new, and it will end.  History includes episode after episode of people fleeing for their lives in the midst of some religio-political upheaval. David’s Mom caught in the Russian Revolution and escaped on the trans-Siberian RR.  She said, “Life was not worth a tinker’s dam in those days.”

Living in our so-called modern age we think these types of assaults are behind us, but we are wrong.  Don’t blame religion, people can behave in uncivilized ways no matter what…look at Ferguson MO.


Yesterday, I received a copy of granddaughter Rita’s sonogram. Her baby is due May 23. She says she and the baby’s father will discover the baby’s sex December 7.  I am eschewing advice-giving because Rita’s Mom is doing fine in that area.  Besides I had all my kids more than 50 years ago and daughter Connie has more recent experience.

I am crocheting a baby blanket which should be ready by next May. My great-grandmother Frances Nichols, who lived until 1956 knitted a baby blanket for me which I had many years afterward.

Frances had a son who became a much decorated WWI hero.  While he was serving in France, she knitted over 500 sweaters for the Red Cross which shipped them to the boys at the front. It was awfully cold in the trenches in France.

16 thoughts on “Parents, worry and tough times

  1. This is a good time to be knitting a baby blanket as you look forward to the joyous event…. Life goes on. You put things in perspective very well. ( I just keep on blogging about flowers and sky in my Pollyanna way, because that’s all I can do. It would do nobody any good to slip into depression, even tho sometimes it would be easier. We are living in interesting times for sure, but as you point out, people always have .


      • Absolutely… Many parents and other loved ones and friends and countrymen. We would not be human if we could not feel sympathy and empathy for their suffering.

        Since I don’t reply to comments on my blog, I will here instead of sending an email. We plan to drive to Florida early next month, assuming weather and health cooperate. Because of moving our Oregon digs and all the related chores we didn’t want to tie ourselves to a definite travel date . We like road trips , so hopefully we’ll be up for this one.

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  2. My 95 year old friend who lives in NY City now was brought up in Paris. She is Jewish and managed to fool the Nazi’s when they occupied the city. She is devastated, as you can imagine, and our whole family is too.

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  3. Such a lovely treasure of a photo and how wonderful to learn of your granddaughter’s baby. A pure light in this day of sadness for what is going on in the world, and the awfulness of what has happened in Paris.

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  4. Great old picture! As for the terrorists, I won’t get on my bandwagon, will just say I hope we get a President that takes this more seriously than the narcissist now in the office.

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