I could have cried

I don’t know why men don’t listen to women who are usually right, i.e., correct.

It’s raining here again today and I suggested to David the next time he is outside he open the cock (why is the spigot given this nickname?) on the rain barrel next to the porch and release water before the overflow runs under the house.  Does he do it?  NO he would rather argue about it.

 Did he buy the rain barrel, NO.  Did he install the rain barrels, NO.  Does he remember they have overflow hoses, NO.  Instead he begins to relay how he checked the crawl space this morning and there’s water under the house and the sump pump (Dianne had the plumber install) pumped it out.

“But we don’t want the water under the house at all, ever,” I say.  After arguing for fifteen minutes, he gets up to do what I suggested initially mumbling his way to the back door.

He comes back and tells me he drained about 8 inches off the top.  The rain barrel will refill by noon I tell him. I’ll empty the GD thing he says and storms back out.

He says he attached a surplus hose to the rain barrel and ran the water into the garden.  I tell him to never water anything in the garden without asking me first.  (He’s killed many of my plants by overwatering them.) Do what I did when I drained the barrel, run it down the walkway so it flows into the rain garden, I tell him.

It would probably be easier to do it myself, but heck, that would mean I did everything around here. Fie on that.


Our insurance company informed us it would cover none of the damage from the leak the plumber finally located and fixed. They said the leak had gone on too long and they don’t cover rot from long-term damage.  I figure the long-term damage could have been avoided.

Beginning in August last year, I argued with the county that our bills were ridiculous, and they sent inspectors out twice…who with their fancy equipment  said there was no leak.

The plumber came three times before he found the leak. First, he replaced the last old spigot on the side of the house and replaced pipes under my sink installing a shutoff valve in the process.

Next he installed a new sump pump when the old one died of exhaustion.

None of these men could hear water running, but I insisted something was running somewhere.  I could hear it!

Besides, the flow into the crawl space was obvious.  “Where is that water coming from?” I asked each of these men. “That’s not normal!”

After I pitched a fit following the fourth $1,000 quarterly water bill in a year, I persuaded the plumber to crawl under the house. And…he found and repaired two busted pipes, installing shut off valves in the process.


Yesterday our quarterly water bill came and I burst into tears. Our water use had dropped to a small amount compared with last quarter, and the graph of usage for the past year made it obvious something had happened.  Best of all, the bill was ZERO.  And we had a credit of $200.

Now my question is, how did the county know?  Did the plumber notify them?  What happened?  At least David won’t have to fight City Hall again…as if he ever did. And because we had such a small bill, I can afford to buy myself a new desktop computer so I can do taxes.


30 thoughts on “I could have cried

  1. “Shout down my rain barrel — slide down my cellar door — and we’ll be jolly friends forever more”. Listening to your tale of woe reminded me of this tune I thought you’d recognize cause I thought it was from the 1940s. Looked it up and it was from a few years before that which you’ll probably remember anyway — 1894! Laugh — you’re sposed to laugh — to release those endorphins to heal your toe! I do hope you’ll be feeling better soon after your surgery you wrote about in later post.. 😀


  2. I’m with you and Friko – it gets really tiresome after a while. It’s not that we want to be right, it’s just that we are. Are we bad at delegating or is it easier to do it ourselves?


  3. Men… Yes… I found a gas leak on our old street that people told me I didn’t smell…they had to rip up two lawns and replace the pipes. I hear and smell things.. I am tuned into the noises of the house… Michelle


  4. Yeah, you might as well go do it yourself. LOL
    He needs a ~~~~~~~~~~. Soo pleased the new bill is so very small.
    Reading Lady Bird and Lyndon…..sure makes you dislike that man.


    • I loved Lady Bird. She beautified Washington DC. LBJ was a notorious womanizer. We knew one of the guards at the WH and he repeated much gossip.

      While Chuck Robb was in Vietnam and my Ex was also gone, I was in the same ‘Waiting Wives’ Group as Lynda Byrd Robb. The group met at Arlington Hall which the Feds tore down and turned into an Intelligence Agency.

      Lynda Byrd used to visit “Eighth And I” (Marine Headquarters) to watch the Drill team on Friday nights. Those were the days before we worried about the civilian terrorist like Ayers and the SDS.


  5. Um, no comment about “men.” We had a rain barrel for a while; but I never could figure out why it would be useful. Doesn’t help with drainage, because it overflows. And you can’t use the water because it has oil in it from the roof shingles. We finally got rid of it.


    • Too bad, I have five of them and love them. We use them all summer. Very convenient for watering pots far away from the outside spigots. And the barrels are large and seldom overflow. We’ve had an exorbitant amount of rain lately, also. Oil? I’ve never see oil in my rain barrels, never. Earthworms yes, but never oil, and we live under the Reagan National flight path.


  6. Don’t I know what you’re talking about. In spades! especially now that everything in, around and out of the house is to be done by me.

    How come we keep our common sense and they don’t? Throwing a hissy fit gets so tedious when you have to do it again and again.

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