Rainy Saturday

David and I don’t watch any sports teams, we watch politicians for entertainment. I don’t have any favorites in the political races this year.  In the past, I have cared too much about one person or another and ended up extremely disappointed.  I won’t know how I will vote until I walk in the voting booth.  David is rooting for Jeb Bush.  Jeb is a likeable guy but polling very low. Meanwhile Dr. Carson and Donald Trump are all over the place.  And both are suffering from hoof and mouth disease.

David and I voted in our local election this past week, producing voter IDs and using paper ballots. Not surprisingly, all our local offices were filled with Democrats. We have one-party rule here in the solid blue “People’s Republic” of Arlington. Mostly the local politicians do a good job, but we really don’t have a democracy. Our state representatives go to Richmond to fight with the Republicans who come from the rest of the Commonwealth. Virginia is a purple state because much blood has been spilled in the capitol building.

Here in Washington DC, the newspapers keep track of elections all over the world.  Thus we can root for Erdogan when he takes the vote in Turkey or Trudeau in Canada.  Left or Right the only thing that matters is that their people like them, they keep the peace and don’t financially ruin their country, and are US allies.  Peace, that’s what we all want, although it seems a pipe dream in this sad old world.

When we aren’t watching the various international elections, we can focus on State and local elections here in the US.  There’s always an election somewhere in these days of widespread democracy.  Well, except in one sad part of West Asia, but I won’t talk about that because it does no good.


Earlier this week, I was discussing Middle East* politics with Nash, my hair stylist.  Nash is the child of Lebanese refugees and he tells me he is so grateful his parents left Lebanon and came to the US years back. His family is Christian and he worries about relatives remaining in places controlled by Hezbollah.  He doesn’t say much about US politics, his parents taught him to be wary….politics can get you killed.

Mostly he asks me about my family, he knows my daughter and granddaughters. Nash did their hair for graduations, proms, weddings and such before they scattered across Virginia to attend college and work. I keep him up on my family news, about the great-grandbaby due next May and that Connie’s hair is as white as mine and I have little idea of the color of anybody else’s hair.

Connie is thrilled at the idea of becoming a grandmother. She says she wants the baby to call her Grammy, the name she called my Mom.

Connie is the only person besides me and my sibs who remembers Mom.  The rest are gone.

Mom and Connie, High Point NC, 1962

Seems like only yesterday, High Point NC, 1962

* Middle East = Most of Western Asia and North Africa according to the US State Department.

17 thoughts on “Rainy Saturday

  1. I have heard it said that a person does not truly die until the last person who remembers them with love has also died. Your Mother’s spirit, therefore, is alive and well!

    I go in spurts with politics. Follow avidly for a while and then can’t stand to even read anything about it. I think I might reman in the latter phrase for the next year(((

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  2. I’ve been trying to comment from my MacBook Air and having a terrible time. I really need to take a class to get used to this machine. I’m such a PC person. OK… Let me try publishing this comment again.

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  3. Lovely photo of your mom with Connie. We voted this week. Our little area is mostly Republican. We went at around ten and it was very quiet. I remember my father’s advice most of the time. “Young ladies do not talk politics, religion or sports.” No wonder I am so quiet, that’s all anyone talks about and I was the bad seed when I told people whom I voted for in the last Presidential election. Dad was pretty Victorian in his way of thinking but an absolute love.

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    • It’s difficult to be the odd person out anywhere. I vent my politics here in my blog and on Facebook. Most of my friends are political Independents, but my daughter is rooting for Dr. Carson.

      Granddaughters like different people, and so it goes. I am not a party person at all. I was a Democrat for years, but the party left me. I can’t got for extremism in any way.


  4. I am so over the Republican candidates but am holding my breath for the next political disaster to hit the dems. Kids hair is still brown here, but I have reached the salt and pepper stage. Give your piker a hugs from us, please. You too.

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