Wednesday thoughts

When I pulled out my laptop this morning to write a new post, my dog’s ears went back.  “Not enough lap for both me and that thing,” his face says.  So here’s another reason to have a dog, especially a lap dog, they divert you from being on a laptop all day.  Not that I am anymore.  Lately it’s the iPad, but I forgot to set it on recharge last night and this morning I was forced to pick up a “paper” newspaper.

David reads two paper papers everyday.  I read the electronic versions.  I read the Sunday paper-paper, however, because I like the Opinion and book review sections.  The dog doesn’t like the newspaper either, it tickles his ears when I turn a page.  Soon he is off my lap and under my chair and I feel guilty.

A funny thing happened when I stepped out the front door this morning to drop plastic stuff in the recycle bin…the door handle fell off the storm door.  For thirty-three years, I have been bugging David to have the storm door replaced.  David immediately dropped all plans for grocery shopping and dashed to one of the remaining small hardware stores in our county where he found a new door handle which he is now installing.  He loves the hardware store which doubles as a nursery in the warmer months.

I love hardware stores also.  I spent many hours in them with my Dad when I was growing up.  In the 1950s, my parents bought an antebellum (built before the Civil War) farmhouse and spent a fortune refurbishing it and rebuilding it. Mom spent many happy hours visiting antique dealers and Dad spent hours restoring floors and other parts of the house. They fought a lot, both overworked and overstressed.

This old house wasn’t the first place where Dad built or renovated something and Mom turned it into a home.  Although we moved many times, my parents always tried to make us comfortable.  Dad had connections in the lumber industry, so he was able to acquire boards for almost any purpose and I was the proud “owner” of a succession of tree-forts and playhouses. The last one I gave up at age 15 when we moved again. It had running water and electricity and was really an old shack, but I loved it.

Today, I see the odd play house around our neighborhood, one or two in trees.  So I know little children do have such things, despite iPad and cell phones.

My favorite Pirate crew in San Diego!

My favorite Pirate crew (Richard and Jacob, Wendy and Sean), San Diego, October 2015

26 thoughts on “Wednesday thoughts

  1. We judge the difficulty of a project by how many trips to the hardware store it takes! Built and remodeled several homes in our past life, no surprise to need such trips there of course. But it is amazing to me how we still need stuff from there in our current tiny abodes. Glad David is well enough to want to go and to follow thru on the project.

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  2. Hmmm… Now my comment disappeared when I used a different email address and posted the comment. I don’t know if it worked or not. I may have to revisit you when I’m on my feet again at my desktop computer.

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  3. We have very few old-type hardware stores, instead it is the superstores with everything in plastic packets. Thankfully, my Other Half is very good at tinkering with all manner of items that go wrong.


  4. Oh, to have a responsive handy husband. Terry does things around the house when absolutely mandated. If he can, he calls for an expert to do the work as he hates such chores. The plumber was the last fellow out here. He put in new faucets, cleaned out traps, and installed the water restrictors Terry had purchased. I really should call a painter for the interior, but as I said before, that would mean moving furniture and other sundry items.


    • These days, I handle most household issues. David used to be very responsible. He fixed the door handle today and surprised me. I think it had to do with anything to get out of the house because he knew I had chores lined up…like the grocery store. BTW we both went there later. He consoled himself with a big blueberry pie.


      • Terry and I rarely shop together as we have totally different store rhythms. I’m a ‘get in and out as fast as possible’ and Terry is a ‘read all the labels’ kind of guy.

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  5. My David reads your blog regularly. Today, he chuckled when he read that your husband drove to the hardware store for a handle. It meant your husband is well enough to drive after knee surgery. Good for him!

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    • Yes, the lure of the hardware store coaxed him out. Truth is he has been driving for a couple of weeks, although I do most of the driving. I have surgery on my foot scheduled in two weeks, so he will be doing more driving.


  6. Buddy is the same way. He will bark and raise a ruckus when I pull out the laptop. But just let me call him to sit in my lap and he’ll be way to busy. Got to love ’em.


  7. One of the very few shops left in the village is a small hardware store. How it manages to keep going is beyond me. Hardware stores are treasure troves.

    That’s a very handsome family you have there.


  8. A lovely family photo. I am a fan of hardware stores too. I recently discovered after all these years, how much I enjoy antique stores. I went to one in Virginia Beach because the cousins wanted to visit, and it was huge. It was actually like browsing around a museum. I’ll be back there again on my next visit south.

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  9. I’m having fun too. How wonderful to be spending these moments with you. No laptop or pad for me. My monitor is the biggest I’ve ever had, and I now have giant type on it too. 🙂

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  10. Now that’s a beautiful family!

    Interesting about your parents and renovations. I’m sure you’re remembering all the good parts of that, which is as it should be.

    I worked in a hardware store on some nights and all Saturdays during my Junior and Senior years of high school. I loved it as it was fun and a tremendous learning and growth experience. Still to this day I am taken back there as soon as I walk into a hardware store and pick up the smell. Like David, I am addicted to hardware stores. Everything in the world you truly need (and is not an extravagance) can be found there. I’ve replaced many a door handle in my time. I’m sure David is having fun!

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