Weekly trivia

Baby steps up

Baby the Senegal says HI!  He’s Thirteen today!

Ordinarily, David and I lead quiet lives.  However, this past week has been busier than usual, with medical appointments, dog checkups, a party or two and housing issues.  The largest concern has been the underside of our house where we discovered a couple of broken pipes, and a water leak which we have now repaired for a mere 3-4 thousand dollars. Now that’s not exciting news, but it is as pricey as an overseas trip. Apparently like people, houses wear out.

Thursday, the insurance guy visited.  Now the insurance company won’t pay for the repair of the broken pipes because the insurance company considers deterioration of pipes normal wear and tear.  However, when he crawled under the house, he discovered my kitchen is sitting on flooring consumed with dry rot  caused by the leak and will eventually need replacing. We are awaiting the verdict now as to what and if the insurance company will cover for any of this damage. If not, that’s another $4-5,000 dollars. And this cost doesn’t include the inconvenience of moving my parrots, dogs and David and I from the house for the duration of the work.

As you might imagine, David, who content to let me handle everything went around saying he was going to die in this house which means no matter what he will never move, and I sunk into an immediate funk over the news and went to bed. Thursday night, I could not sleep and laid there and fretted, thought about the Syrian refugees and remembered to say my prayers.

Next day, I called my friend handyman John who works with Habitat for Humanity and he said he would come by after I received the insurance papers and look under the house.  He asked me several questions about conditions in the kitchen and concluded that we may not need to do anything right away.  But first, he says he will crawl under the house and survey the damage.

I immediately felt some relief  which I expressed and he said, “Just call me Father John.”

Yesterday when we visited Kathy’s for a Halloween tea party, Brenda, who works at the animal shelter was there.  Brenda said, if when have the repair work done, we can board the parrots at the shelter.  I told Brenda this is great news because I didn’t know what I was going to do with them and their little respiratory systems can’t take the dust that would be kicked up by the repair work. You see, parrots and birds have air sacs all over their bodies that inflate to make them airborne and they are easily stressed by air pollution.

Thus with the help of friends and neighbors we will receive some help with this problem and I am much less stressed.

Yesterday, my daughter and SIL removed our “too big” sofa from the living room and brought a chair over that I will use for visitors until I buy a new chair. The owner of the chair doesn’t need it because he’s been deployed to Yemen.  The chair is a horrible Chartreuse green, but I covered it with a dog blanket and made it look a bit better. While he was here, Bill replaced the battery in one of our smoke alarms.  Neither David nor I could do the job which required getting up on a short step-ladder.  I could climb the ladder, but couldn’t unscrew the battery.

Another fun thing we did this past week was visit the dentist for our six-month check-up. The good news was no cavities for either of us.  David is continuing to heal and receive physical therapy.  Tuesday he will see Justin his PT from his last surgery.

Next week promises to be almost as busy with more exciting things.

Joy with another cow.

Joy with another cow.

20 thoughts on “Weekly trivia

  1. Yay for father John and all your helpful friends. Oh yes, owning a home is one project after another. I have a leaky faucet right now that Art is dreading to look at. He keeps saying I’m not turning the faucet off correctly.

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  2. Reminds me of a time 40 years ago. We moved to the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. I fell through the kitchen floor whilst 8 months pregnant. Fortunately it was a temporary rented house but I still had to go away for a week or so whilst it was fixed.


  3. We too have been leading an exciting life lately insofar as dental, medical, and lab appointments , but minus the plumbing/pipe part of course. I probably couldn’t stand that much excitement! Good luck with the insurance co. It is good to know you have friends ready to help with at least part of the issues that may be involved.


  4. Too bad about the broken pipes. Remembering my own policy, I’m thinking the ins. will not pay for the broken pipes, but will pay for the damage caused by the water, after your deductible of course. I’m not sure of that, but I hope I’m right and that you get some help paying for the repairs. But think if the bright side: Better to have a rotting kitchen floor than rotting teeth, so congrats on your excellent dental checkup!

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  5. So nice to have a bevy of friends to rely on for commiseration and advice. Glad to know the parrots will be sheltered if you have to move out during renovation. I would like to replace our floors, but I have considered the movement of furniture and stuff and it begins to overwhelm me.

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    • All hasn’t ended yet. As Yogi Berra said, it ain’t over till it’s over. While my friends have great suggestions, it’s up to David and me (me) to make plans and execute them, as well as pay for them. And we will have the inconvenience of the whole mess. I just hope John continues to advise us to hold off.

      Meanwhile, Troy and I are planting bulbs with the idea of being here next year.


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