Little things

(Header photo above:  my Fothergilla, ‘Mount Airy’ shrub.)

Our October weather is probably the best we have all year, beautiful bright days with cool nights.  Time to break out the blankets. This morning when I made my bed I noticed the lovely wool blanket I bought in England thirty years ago had grown smaller. Last fall, the dry cleaner we used all these years died of pancreatic cancer, and his successor apparently can’t read English because clearly stated on the blanket label is “dry clean only.”

This morning I trolled around online and found a new washable wool double/queen blanket. I’ll keep the old blanket because I love it and know that some day I will probaly sleep in a twin bed which it would fit.

For a very long time, I’ve been thinking about when and if we must downsize to a smaller place. I don’t intend to be caught unaware at an awkward moment, hence I save and store smaller items.

Apparently, I’m not the only one thinking along these lines because every retirement home around here has offered a seminar on downsizing and uncluttering.  And The Washington Post ran an article this week on the huge shift in demand for rental apartments.  Next Avenue, a PBS publication ran an article entitled Rent or Buy?


Meanwhile, I’m planning next year’s flowers with hundreds of new bulbs ready for spring planting. I spoke with Troy this morning about arranging a time next week when he could help me.  We’ve already done a lot to put the garden to bed and prepare for spring, including uncovering the bird feeders, which were enclosed in the summer growth of shrubs.  David and I have a small yard, with almost every square foot tilled and cultivated.  Mostly the beds are filled with perennials and shrubs. However we plant bulbs every fall in various nooks and crannies.  Because the squirrels and voles watch what we do and excavate and eat many of them, we plant hundreds of Scilla, Muscarii, Crocuses, Galanthus, Fritillaria….  I am particularly fond of the small bulbs.

I love my gardens.  It will be a cold day in hell when I am forced to move.


Yesterday I persuaded David to visit Target where we shopped for new underwear, socks and house slippers for him and electric toothbrushes for each of us. The occasion was the IRS finding a mistake in our return and sending us a check for the difference. How nice because most years they want more money plus a penalty fee.

This is almost too good to be true.  I suspect I may have played some small role in this positive outcome because last year I persuaded him to include the payments we make for our long-term care policies as deductibles. Because we have had two of the policies for several decades, we could have been deducting the expense all along. I can see that I will have to play a larger role in the tax preparation next spring. Toward that end, I have been saving and filing receipts all year.

12 thoughts on “Little things

  1. My crotons haven’t been doing well, so my yardman advised me to scoop top soil with peat moss around each plant, and then water the soil. Let’s see if that does the trick.

    Congrats on that windfall from the IRS, because that does not happen very often.

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