Saturday in October


The new rose miniature I planted this week. Photo taken before sunrise, 2015

I’m at a loose end this morning.  I fixed breakfast, talked with Troy about the yard work I wanted done today, watered my house plants, fiddled with Facebook, walked the dogs for the first time since David’s surgery, read several chapters in a second book by Francis Fukuyama, Political Order and Political Decay: From the Industrial Revolution to the Globalization of Democracy, spoke with a young union volunteer for the Democrat Party and informed him I am voting for the Independents again, and pulled out a crochet project I began last winter, which I promply returned to my yarn bag. As you can see, I decided to write a post for my blog.

I thought about scanning more of my old family photos, but I am not in a mood to tackle the scanner again. I find I must be in a certain mood to tackle a technological challenge, or a crochet project, or bake cookies, or walk the dogs. My get up and go seems to have got up and went.


Daughter Connie and SIL Bill are driving up tomorrow for a visit and we will eat supper at the Celtic House. None of the girls are living at home anymore so I won’t see them until Christmas.  I’d like to think we could drive down to the farm for Thanksgiving when they will all come home for a visit, but I don’t know that David will be ready to help me with the driving. He continues to improve.  He lost his hydrocodone somewhere between the hospital and home and is taking Tylenol for pain.  He says he has less pain now than before he had his surgery.


I spoke with Kathy earlier and she’s coming over to retrieve the too many tomatoes and eggplants I have on hand and convert them into something delicious, probably a ratatouille. She says we will be able to use it like a sauce on pasta.  I bought a container of grated Romano/Parmesan cheese yesterday, and can use this as a topping. Geez, I’m so lazy lately, I don’t grind my own cheese.


17 thoughts on “Saturday in October

  1. I love ratatouille . Bill grates our fresh parmesan. I am always at loose ends. I’m glad David continues to improve. (And I think I must have regressed to the Twitter generation as I can’t seem to write a sentence longer than five words today … or two related sentences ;>)!


    • Yes, David is doing extremely well. He went from thinking he was about to die to walking without a cane in under three weeks. Of course his he therapist had a fit when he arrived without his walker. So, we have the walker in the car so that he can hobble into PT and impress her. I think she’s a dope for trying to give him the idea he should be retarded in his recovery. Beware of youngsters who have degrees and think they know best.


  2. I found an app that works for iPad or iPhone called photomyne . It takes a photo and I am copying old photos with it on the iPhone. Also Scannable that will scan anything using iPhone or iPad.


  3. I want to read the new Woodward. OOh la la. Saw the interview on SundaY Morniing. Thank you…gotta remember to water plants before we go gass up the car. Life is hot here. Yes, get up and go is gone to hurt all over….maybe the weather is changing. LOL


  4. Glad to hear Tylenol is effective for David’s pain. I miss not being able to drive and understand the challenges of making those trips for precious in-person time with loved ones. Sorry about your get up and go, but glad it resulted in your post. And how did you snag the tomato and eggplant bonanza?


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