This and That Wednesday

Granddaughters Hannah (27), Rita (23), Joy (21), and Amelia (25)

I had a dickens of a time uploading the photo above of my four granddaughters.  I won’t provide you with the details.  Let’s just liken my experience of copying a photo from Facebook to my personal laptop to wandering in underbrush until you finally stumble onto a path or roadway.  Efforts that once seemed effortless are now anything but.  No, it’s not me its the software or hardware or something else.

Sadly, I fear I’m becoming one of those old fuddy-duddies who hates change.  Yes, I know we face change much of the time because evil people are constantly trying to break into our systems and destroy them.  Lets just say my computers, systems and file-keeping are more convoluted than Hillary’s.


David continues to progress. He lost his Hydrocodone or whatever he’s taking, so now he’s taking Tylenol and complaining about pain.  I remind him that I could not take any of the opiates and Tylenol was all I had.  Megan, his PT scolded him when he walked into the clinic Monday because he was using a cane.  “WHERE’S YOUR WALKER,” she said. He was upset when he came home. I remind him of his goal…getting back on the tennis court.


I’d say something about politics, but I use Facebook vent on this topic, so I won’t.  Suffice it to say, David, most of my family, and several friends lean conservative. I have several left-leaning friends, including a couple of teachers, but they are more issues oriented than party affiliated (i.e., support teacher’s unions).

Issues are where it’s at for me also.  It comes down to this, how I vote in the next presidential election will probably depend on who I am most irritated with.  For me, it’s not about who do you like, but whose policies do you dislike the least.

For example, I’m irritated with the Republicans because they managed to take wolves off the Endangered Species Act.  I wrote my Democrat Senator to complain and he said it was a ‘States Rights’ issue.  Grrr.  This means several western states are engaged in the wholesale slaughter of wolves. Wolves are critical for the environment, as any fool should know.  For example, because the wolves in Yellowstone have been eating the moose, the vegetation has returned and the birds and other small animals are thriving.

In the past, I have often voted and donated to the Democrat Party (mainly because they support environmental issues I care about).  However, I recently received a questionnaire with several items “of concern.”  Nothing on the questionnaire appealed to me, mostly because the questions were a series of “straw men” i.e., false statements about Republicans.  I don’t know why the questions were so stupid, except, whoever compiled the questionnaire must think people who vote Democrat are ignorant. ( I’m sure the Republican Party can produce an equally offensive questionnaire.)


Daughter Connie informs me many of the youngsters she knows like Bernie Sanders. Meanwhile, oldest granddaughter Hannah recently had to practice some tough love with some Sanders supporters.

Hannah’s “I’m a Socialist” illegal alien boyfriend (from England), her girlfriend Jess from college who has a four-year nurse’s degree, and Jess’ boyfriend, sponged off Hannah for two months. Hannah was the only employed occupant of the apartment she rents from her boss.

After two months, Hannah finally asked the trio to leave, which took much courage because she is like her mom and grandma, and puts up with bad behavior for far too long. Enough is enough already.

The problem with many youngsters who call themselves socialists….they really don’t understand there is no free lunch. The last thing the three told Hannah before they left VA was they were hitchhiking to Oregon, to become street people. Good luck Oregon.

19 thoughts on “This and That Wednesday

  1. It sounds as if you have a lot on your plate just now – thankfully Hannah has sorted herself out without your having to get involved. It is hard knowing what can be done and what is best left alone. I kind of wish politics was the same, but everything depends on the flavour of the press and other media. Good luck with choosing a presidential candidate!

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  2. Hello Dianne, just popped in to say Hello and catch up. Sounds like David is trying to walk before he can crawl lol. Make haste slowly is the old saying and well worth adhearing to!

    There is a lot about your politics reported on in our news broadcast but I’m not familiar with ‘people or parties’ so won’t comment on something I don’t know anything about BUT will ask – don’t candidates have to have held a political office before they can be nominated in your presidential elections? It amazes me than someone like Donald Trump can get ‘on a ticket’ – he really is a bit weird isn’t he. Is there any chance he could get votes and progress ‘up the ladder’?

    Take care


    • For what it’s worth, some of the conservative pundits believe he has an outside chance. We will know more after the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary. If he wins either or both he will pick up some points toward the nomination, but he has a long way to go. The nomination process doesn’t really start until January 2016, the nominating convention is in August 2016 and the election in November 2016.

      Whoever wins will not be sworn in until January 2017. Trump most likely won’t be the president, because most of the Independents like me will go for the Democrat if she isn’t under an indictment. Hillary can say what she wants about Republican politics, but the FBI is hot on her tail, and her past matters.

      The U.S. Voter is a weird bunch. Sometimes, I wish we had a Parliamentary system like England, Canada, NZ and Australia. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸.


  3. Love the photo of your granddaughters Dianne and good for Hannah!. It also takes me a while to say anything as I keep waiting for certain people to shape up and develop some good manners, and have been told I have the patience of a saint by others. I don’t like to burn any bridges, but then enough is enough. Buttons are pushed one too many times and I tell them to get on their bike and pedal out of there, figuratively speaking. Not with the bridge burning behind them as I am always hopeful. Glad to hear David is doing well. Politics, don’t usually enter those discussions as people just get so mad if I disagree with them and I get tired/bored of intensity on any subject.


    • I agree. It’s hard to not go with the flow. However, my family is split with the VA side mostly going one way and the CA side going another. We also have a split among my granddaughters who pay attention to politics. I try to get along with each of them because I love them. Finding a Middle ground is difficult, however.


  4. I’ll stay away from politics except to say that the Republican race for a viable candidate makes a farce of statesmanship. The picture is sweet and I have an Amelia grandchild too … we will attend her wedding three weeks from tomorrow.

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    • I don’t disagree about the Republicans. The Democrats leave much to be desired for choice, however. Both are fractious groups. The good guys like Kasich are buried by the flash and angst of the wannabe politicians. I blame the media for much of the fracas. Constantly focusing the spotlight on Trump and Bernie Sanders has made the whole process a farce.


  5. I also like Kasich from what I’ve seen during the several Repub televised “debates.” He has a record of successful governing. Unfortunately, at the moment most of the GOP voters seem enamored with bluff and bluster, mixed with a dash of nonsense. Kasich has little chance of being nominated.


    • And there in a nutshell is the problem with giving uneducated people (from both ends of the spectrum) the vote. They go to flash and not substance. Katich has been a wonderful governor. He is a true Compassionate Conservative.

      I like Bernie on the Democrat side, but the CBO scored his budget proposals and said if he got his ideas implemented it would double the national debt. Can’t have that either.


  6. I think I saw your gd’s former friends on the street corner this morning! (Seriously, Eugene has a great problem with ‘street people’ or ,as they call themselves, ‘travelers’.) When I was a kid, that was a term for gypsies, but I think the Gypsies would be insulted to be lumped with most of these ‘travelers’.

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    • I’m not for extremism from either side. I can’t be. Left is okay, Right is okay, but moderate is better in my book. I’m what used to be called a Blue Dog Democrat or what the Brits call a Liberal. They are mostly extinct, however, our VA Senator Warner is close.


  7. You do have two left leaning friends out here. I’m a realist and know what Sanders will go through if elected but still like him. Perhaps if Trump were a Democrat, I would become a Republican. What a mess this election is.

    You think you are wearing out. I feel bereft of mind these days. If I don’t write it down, I forget it. If I don’t take the list with me, I forget it. Guck!!!! I tell my doc, and she just fusses about my BP. lol


    • I won’t vote for Trump. Did you know he inherited his wealth, and he’s not as wealthy now as he was when he received his inheritance? He’s a dope! I like John Kasich from Ohio, but he’s not likely to get the Republican nomination. I also like Webb, but he won’t get the Democrat nomination either. I wish Webb was still our VA Senator.


  8. I feel sorry for Hannah. So many people want to stay in my guest room. What I dislike most about that is I am expected to be a tour guide. That can be tiresome after a while not to mention expensive. Besides, I would hate to take them to the beach every day, as I hate being in the sun so much. Grrr.

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    • Hannah is doing quite well, so don’t feel sorry for her. These experiences are part of her learning curve. She once thought people were always fair and honest. She’s learned the hard way there are some troubled and dishonest people in this world. The shocking thing for me is how Jess behaved. I met her on several occasions and she seemed very different. As she became a nurse, I thought she was practical, sensible and fair. Apparently she is not.


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