Catching up

Granson Sean catching the moon in San Diego CA, Wendy Johnston, 2015

Grandson Sean catching the moon in San Diego CA, Wendy Johnston, 2015

I’m taking time to check in this morning to express appreciation for all the well wishes for David’s recovery from (#3) joint replacement surgery.  He’s home now so I have the additional burden of taking care of everything I do, plus what he does to keep the household running, plus his care and feeding.  Fortunately, Kathy brought us supper last night (cranberry chicken salad and a fruit compote) or it would have been bowls of cereal.

I didn’t expect David home the day after his surgery and was quite surprised to receive a call at 4:14 PM in which he said,  “They are kicking me out.”  Earlier in the day they (the hospital) told David they would keep him another night which was fine with me, if not his dog Clare who howled half of Monday night.

So, I drove to the hospital to retrieve him, my fourth trip in two days, and took the dogs with me.  Clare licked his face the whole way home, beside herself with joy. I didn’t lick his face once.  The little bitch has all his affection…well most of it. Yesterday evening, Kathy came up and helped David while I cleaned bird cages on my own (David usually helps me). Brother Dunstan was supposed to stop by but he was held up in the traffic jam caused by the Pope’s arrival.  (The Benedictine Abbey is near the Basilica.) Dunstan reports he has a ticket to the Pope’s mass tomorrow, which will be attended by various members of religious orders and government officials.

Within a half hour of our arrival home, BJ called to schedule David’s first in-home therapy session.  Victor the nurse called a few minutes later.  I made sure David had the same company I used for my recovery from knee surgery last summer so everything should go well from here on out.

(I’ll be back to write posts and visit as I have more time. Meanwhile, you can always find me on Facebook where I spent far too much time this week arguing with strangers while waiting hours in the hospital lobby.  I should have taken my crochet along.)

16 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. I presume that Costochondritis doesn’t mean that you have been shopping too much at Costco. Reading on. I am sure you qualify for help. Pleasse call your GP and see what they say. Tell David I said to get off his ass and get moving. Hugs and love ya.


    • Thank you Linda. Our friend, Brother Dunstan attended the Pope’s mass yesterday and offered up prayers for David. David feels better tonight. Dunstan stopped by and said hello. Meanwhile, I’m having issues with Costochondritis.


  2. Amazing that David came home the same day. I do wish him well and a very speedy recovery. I also hope you will be able to pace yourself as I know how tiring it can be to be a full-time caretaker. Wishing you both the best.


  3. Do you qualify for any home assistance because you are ‘disabled’ as well? Or will you be the sole carer during David recouperation time?
    Look after yourself as best wishes for David’s recovery


  4. Yes, they even kick mastectomy patients out the same day now! Apparently, the danger of hospital infections is greater than ever, at least over here.

    Good luck with David and a get well soon wish comes winging over to you.


  5. I am surprised that he was released so soon. My David spent 3 nights in the hospital and had 5 weeks of physical therapy at the clinic, not at home. But, all’s well that ends well. Best wishes to you and your husband.


    • David will receive physical therapy for six weeks, starting today. Yes, I thought his release was premature too. Virginia Hospital Center is far too busy. Every room was filled and David thinks they needed his room. Today, I am playing nursemaid and having chest pains. Very stressful, I can tell you.


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