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The past week has been busy, but we accomplished what we set out to do. By the end of the week, the plumbing repairs were completed. On Wednesday, I met with Seth from Merrifield Gardens and Nursery to discuss yard work after Thanksgiving and had his estimate of the projected costs by Friday.  Yesterday, after chasing her for 20 minutes, I got Arabella to her vet for her monthly beak and nail trim.  I took David to the hospital center to have his blood work for the surgery September 21, and while I was there, coördinated his therapy sessions with the PT department. We also managed to eat out several times because I wasn’t home long enough to cook anything.

I dont know why we are so worn out by these mundane tasks, but we are.  Next week will also be busy with a visit Wednesday to see David’s primary care physician who will approve the surgery.  Thursday is David’s 86th birthday, and Friday he sees the surgeon’s PA for a final appointment before surgery.


A new pub, The Celtic House, moved into our neighborhood.  An Irishman from County Donegal Ireland opened his establishment where an old ‘taqueria’ had been.  Meanwhile, the neighborhood has undergone a renovation and numerous condominium and apartment buildings have sprung up along Columbia Pike.

Located 10 minutes from the Nation’s Capitol, these new homes are filling with young White House and Congressional staffers from all over the U.S., many from New York and Boston, and these kids like pubs.  When we ate lunch at the Celtic House, several retired seniors like ourselves were in attendance…the daytime customers who live in the older homes and apartment buildings.

The pub food is a mix of traditional Irish fare and new items, with an extensive beer list.  Wednesday, David had bangers and mash and proclaimed it the best meal he ever ate, and I had fish and chips and a glass of draft beer.

So, at last we have some nice places in our once run down neighborhood.  Most of the new neighbors have a dog, so the pubs cater to dogs too (we also have a big dog park nearby and several veterinary establishments along the Pike).

The Celtic House has an outdoor area with dog friendly accommodation such as a side yard with a litter bag stand. Kevin, the proprietor, is a very kindly man who opened the door for us on entering and leaving. It’s a small family run business, not a chain, so his daughter Deborah and wife help run the pub.  All have wonderful irish accents. And of course the pub has loud Irish music playing in the background.

I explained to Deborah how I knew the words to many of the Scots-Irish songs because as a child I learned them in school. Thousands of Scots-Irish (mostly formerly indentured people) settled along the Appalachian chain, I told her, and their culture lived on for many years afterward in their music.

The new lock on my garden shed.

The new handle on new door on my garden shed.

22 thoughts on “This and that

  1. Oh that’s fun you have a Donegal family business opened in your area. I am going to Donegal on assignment in October, and hope to get enough pictures for a blog post.
    Have a good day!


  2. Well, at least you have pleasant outings as well as doctors’ appointments of one sort and another. Going to a pub is always a pleasure, going for medical matters less so, although they do take up an inordinate amount of time for us too. But then, all you need to do is think of the alternative. As you know we recently had a very good reminder of how soon that alternative could be a fact.


  3. Wishing David the very best with an easier recuperation. I just returned from Pennsylvania and am severely jet lagged like always. We went to meet our month old grandson. We were in the DuPont Circle area for just a few hours to help with a move and I thought about you. Your new lock looks great.


  4. You pack in a lot every week. Sometimes I feel guilty. Good luck to David on his surgery and birthday wishes to him also. If we ever get up that way again, we’re meeting in that pub!

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