Wednesday August 12 Tidbits

“Did you ever see the film, The Little shop of Horrors,” Kathy asks when she looks at my Bromeliad. Jack Nicholson was a mad dentist feeding his office plant patient parts.  The plant had a row of little faces and each face was saying “feed me, feed me.”

Kathy points to my bromeliad flower and notes the little purple buds popping out at the top.  You can just see them in the photo below.


Why are all my friends so weird?

No, I haven’t seen the film, I don’t do horror films and Jack Nicholson scares me.

Kathy and Brother Dunstan visited Sunday, Dunston bringing holy water from Lourdes to rub on David’s knee (he’s scheduled for another joint replacement in September).  David had just returned from an AA meeting so Dunstan and David began to talk about alcoholics they had known.  Dunstan had a cousin Alfred who was an alcoholic dentist.  Dunstan said, everyone knew Freddie was alcoholic and they knew it was best if you made an appointment with him for the morning when he was still sober.  That must have started the wheels turning in Kathy’s head.  I hope it was that because the bromeliad flower is getting bigger and bigger.


SIL Bill and one of his crews replaced our back porch roof and the garden shed roof last week in three hours.  How wonderful and just in time for the rain storm the next day.  David built the original garden shed 30 years ago and my former SIL (now deceased) helped David install the original roof over the patio, now porch around the same time.

Last week, Troy, the brick mason and gardener came over and began clearing weeds from my yard.  He took care of the hedge out front and pulled many vines and hundreds of Poke Weed plants in the back yard. The birds liked the jungle, but I didn’t and I am happy to see it cleared.

Now, I’m onto Merrifield Garden Center to buy more pots for my succulents.

15 thoughts on “Wednesday August 12 Tidbits

  1. Sounds like a few productive days. Don’t you love it when it all comes together like that? I wish I had your green thumb.


  2. I don’t think Jack was in that movie.. it was a musical parody of the old horror movies. It might have been Steve Martin. We have a place here in oregon that has a natural stand of fly eating plants…we always watch our fingers ))).

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    • Bill is a gem. He has helped us as well as Connie’s first MIL. He’s a great guy and a great father (he adopted Connie’s girls and they call him Dad) as well as a great husband. It’s wonderful to see her happy.


  3. Feed me Seymour, feed me! Those are the lines that the carnivorous plant used to its benefactor. Yes I actually saw the Little Shop of Horrors years ago. I thought the music was great but not everyone’s cup of tea. Quite tame compared to today’s horror movies which I won’t watch. How very nice that you had visitors on Sunday with interesting stories. I have a leaky pipe in the basement and my garbage disposal stopped working. Now where’s that dear plumber 😉


  4. Glad the good father and Kathy stopped by. What’s a Poke weed. And too, are we going to have before and after pictures of the roofs?

    I’m just reading the newest book about the Secret Service presidential detail, and I am appalled after reading about both Johnson and Hillary. Perhaps she is worse.

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    • Yes I was pleased Dunstan stopped by. He was on his way to France, Germany and Italy to do some translating of old church documents.

      Poke weed is a tall pest with big leaves. Confederate soldiers and poor people ate and still eat the leaves… like turnip greens. Birds love the purple berries and spread the seeds. Berries make a good vegetable dye.


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