The mind is a dangerous thing

Before I fell asleep last night, the last thing I thought about was the Rubicon a river in Italy.

Wiki says:

The Rubicon (Latin: Rubico, Italian: Rubicone) is the name both of a shallow river in northeastern Italy just south of Ravenna, and the name historically given to a river that was famously crossed by Julius Caesar in 49 BC. While it is not a proven fact, historians generally agree that the two rivers are indeed one and the same.

The modern-day river runs for about 80 kilometers, from the Apennine Mountains to the Adriatic Sea through the southern Emilia-Romagna region, between the towns of Rimini and Cesena. The Latin word rubico comes from the adjective rubeus, meaning “red”. The river was so named because its waters are colored red by mud deposits.

I was thinking about red rivers because yesterday, I also read that the original source of the name Ouisconsin was Algonquin and probably referred to the Wisconsin River which is apparently red as it passes through the Wisconsin Dells.

The Rubicon is the river Julius Caesar crossed with his army after the Roman Senate ordered him not to.  This is the famous “Red Line” of history.

Caesar entered Rome and became a dictator and that was the end of the Roman Republic.

I got on to this topic because I was thinking about history as I usually am.

Okay, I know I my brain works, even if in strange ways.  The thing I love best about David is that I can tell him about my “discoveries” before he sits down to read his paper and have his first cup of coffee and he responds with, “I didn’t know that.”  He probably did know it and forgot it.  He had many more years of Latin than I did. And he dated his Latin tacher Miss Newcomb, the sly fox.  She called him Pop.

Oh what is a spouse-partner for if not to humour your eccentricities?


David and I were exhausted yesterday.  We watched both debates and listened to the talking heads in between the debates and afterwards staying up long past our bedtime.  Debate night, almost everyone agreed Trump was a bust.

Never mind that the next day, the brain dead media types could only talk about Trump.  David and I watched the debates for ourselves and came away with complete disgust for Trump.  He has money and money is power and few will stand up to money or power.

Addled brain and all I began thinking about the Rubicon, crossing red lines and the demise of the Roman Republic. As I fell asleep, I thought about Julius who was famous for his blonde hair and women before he became a dictator.

David and me at a friend's cabin in Pennsylvania in the 1990s

David and me at a friend’s cabin in Pennsylvania in the 1990s

24 thoughts on “The mind is a dangerous thing

  1. Red Line — oh, I didn’t know that, either! Every time I make one of my erratic visitations here and read the titles of your posts I’ve missed, I regret not having come here sooner to read more of them. I really like the history you share. Too bad statesmen — if that’s what we can call them — in both major political parties don’t seem to be more aware or have paid more attention to the lessons of history as they chart the future of our nation.

    I’m not yet ready to spend much time commenting on all the current political happenings. but I’m watching, listening and thinking. Our campaign season is entirely too long in my opinion and filled with too much blarney.

    I especially enjoy people whose “brains work in strange ways” as yours does. I have the same affliction.

    You succinctly captured exactly the words that describe what I continue to experience missing these now many years since my husband’s death:

    “Oh what is a spouse-partner for if not to humour your eccentricities?”


    • Actually, the Campaign,at least on the Republican side has been cut dramatically with half the debates this time as four years ago. I follow issues and the positions of politicians very closely. I also pay attention to a politicians education, work and life experience. Have done so since my teens. My Mom worked for the Democrats and Dad supported the Republicans, thus I learned about critical thinking at a young age.

      David’s parents had political views. Much like mine. David’s Dad was an Old South Democrat thus very conservative., his mother was a Russian immigrant and a Socialist.


  2. Politics is a subject that makes my blood boil. I’ve got friends on both sides of the aisle and both are pretty nasty when it comes to sharing their positions. Had to slack off on FB because of that. :/

    You and David look so happy in the photo. Hope you have a terrific week!


    • Keeping friends on both sides is a challenge. How can you hope to become informed if you don’t keep an open mind? Unfortunately, most people form their opinions by listening and reading channeled through a third party. I like several of the ‘talking heads’ on TV and opinion writers in various media, however I agree with no one all of the time. Fortunately, I have been able to hook up with several people on FB who want to discuss things in a sane manner. A necessity for a political junkie.


  3. I love history too but not quite the history buff you are. Maybe because I can’t remember which river I drove over yesterday much less which one Julius Caesar thumbed his nose over. However, I love to hear it new or again and always enjoy your shares.


  4. As I have only been a US Citizen I feel it is an honor to be able to vote, but politicians in general don’t impress me and I wonder who I will vote for in the next Presidential Election. I’m going to be doing a lot of reading between now and then.


  5. Trump’s an idiot and is feeding on all the attention the media are giving him. When the circus leaves town and we get a lot closer to the actual election, I’ll start paying more attention.


  6. Let me get this straight. Congress’s approval rating approaches single digits. The majority of people don’t trust politicians because they lie so much and say things to get elected so they can do the opposite in office. John Kerry and his boss use double-speak about Iran deal and castigate Republicans and Democrats alike who disagree with them all the while ignoring the continued threats from Iran about daeth to Israel and the U.S. So a politician speaks his mind instead of cow-towing to the media and business as usual politicians and he’s a bust? This country has been lulled into an acceptance of second class status and an “if it feels good, do it” mentality that frankly, scares the hell out of me. Doesn’t affect me. I’ll be gone when the chickens come home to roost. But I really feel sorry for my grandchildren.


    • Al, I don’t disagree with what you write. Sadly all this is so, however, there are 16 better candidates than the Jackass named Trump. Speaking your mind is one thing, but when you insult John McCain and Meghan Kelly, you have gone too far. Trump is a misogynist pig unfit for the office of president. He’s toast.


      • I believe there is no way Trump will ever be nominated, let alone elected. That’s probably as it should be. But this political correctness has to stop somewhere. If you disagree with the President, you’re racist. If you disagree with Hillary, you’re sexist, if you take Rosie O’Donnell, who has had more than her share of vulgar and disgusting things to say about men, to task for it, you’re a misogynist. My candidate for the best President of the 20th century was Harry Truman. This man was a straight talker not afraid to stand up to factious groups. Give me a candidate who will speak his mind like “Give ’em Hell Harry, but not be so abrasive as Trump and I’m all in. Carly Fiorina is very close to this. She called Hillary a liar (which has been proven time and again) and the media is apoplectic. This is exactly what I’m talking about. I hope women will get off this “Hillary deserves it kick” and listen to a woman who doesn’t pander!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes Carly Fiorina is wonderful. Loved her performance at the debate. I’ll probably send her $$, and I said I would never do that again after the Obama vs Hillary face off eight years ago (We both sent Hillary checks). I also like Rubio. The betting now is that the crass and vulgar Trump will be good for the other candidates as he forces them to sharpen their game.

        BTW, read these comments to David. Tonight he said Wow when Chris Wallace interviewed Carly. David never gets excited about candidates anymore, but Carly has changed that.

        David’s been going around telling me he didn’t have long to live. Had our priest friend over tonight for a blessing. But Carly has given him a reason to keep going until the VA primary. ❤️


    • I don’t decide my vote until the election. I think Hillary is dishonest and Trump is working with the Clintons to mess up the nomination process. I have issues with some of the positions of some Republicans, however.


  7. So Wisconsin wasn’t a French Canadian word? I watched some of the debate. I have the rest saved for when I have more time. Didn’t Trump’s polls go up after the debate? Maybe I heard wrong.


    • The poll results are faulty because they interview the whole population. For an accurate interpretation of how the nomination process will go, a survey must only ask Republicans who vote and among those voters who will participate in the primaries state by state.


  8. Those river names can be tricky. We once drove along the famous “Blue Danube” for many miles, and all agreed the water was decidedly green. Fortunately for the credibility of the waltz, when we made a big direction change, the Danube waters flowing beside us were blue.


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