Green fingers and friends


Kathy came by a few days ago and we walked out back to see the Bromiliad she gave me last fall.  I can’t get mine to bloom, she said.  I shared that I had fed mine a bit of orchid food, and the combinaton of our hot muggy summer days and the food must have encouraged the plant to produce. Plus I had my plant sitting under some hanging pots which shaded it like a jungle canopy.

The Bromiliad is near my herb pots and when Kathy saw my happy herbs she asked if she could cut some. She then proceeded to clip the lavender (I’ll make you a sachet), the tarragon (I’ll make you some tarragon chicken) and the sorrell (I’ll make you some soup).

Yesterday Kathy arrived with a container of shredded taragon-cranberry chicken and a bowl of lentils and carrots seasoned with sorrell. She says the soup will arrive today when she stops by.

Meanwhile she oohed and ahhed over the bees in my garden…hundreds of bees covering the Hydrangea, Chrysanthemum, Veronica and Joe Pye Weed.  So if you’re missing any bees, they are at my house hanging out. The lady up the street will have some honey this year! IMG_0789

22 thoughts on “Green fingers and friends

  1. Your garden is so beautiful, Dianne. I wish you could send some bees over the Pacific. I think we need more in the islands instead of just wood gnawing carpenter bees.


  2. What a great symbiotic friendship… you grow the herbs and your dear friend cooks for you using them. And oh my your yard is wonderful with all those bees. So important and wonderful in an urban setting especially.


  3. I’m glad I came over here. I will give some orchid fertilizer to my bromeliads and see if I can get them to bloom. Never thought of doing that.

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  4. I love plants—shrubs and ornamental grasses in the yard, and potted plants in the house—and am blessed in that I care so much more for leaves than for flowers that I rarely even care if something flowers or not.


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