A Sunday in July


A new begonia from White Flower Farm. Too pretty to be outside, 2015.

Although I have plenty of containers filled with flowers outside, my care and watering of them has been hit or miss with the heat lately, so, some of them are not looking so great.  Thus I decided early on to bring this little gem into the house and make a place for it on my plant stand or étagère as it was billed when I bought it.

According to Wiki, an étagère is a piece of light furniture made extensively in France during the latter part of the 18th century. It consists of a series of stages or shelves for the reception of ornaments or other small articles. Like the what-not it was very often cornerwise in shape, and the best Louis XVI examples in exotic woods are exceedingly graceful and elegant.

In modern usage, an étagère is often used to refer specifically to a long-legged shelf unit that fits over a bathroom toilet, also known as a space saver.

Somehow  étagère sounds so much more eloquent that space saver.  My étagère which I call a plant stand holds all the plants I nurse year round, orchids, Christmas cactus, African violets, etc. and sits before a sliding glass door which opens onto the screened patio, i.e. porch where more pots of plants, both sit and hang.

The second good thing I bought myself was a overhanging grow light, which provides my plants with artificial sunlight year round. I find the combination works well, and in the midst of winter when all is dark and cold outside, or summer when its too hot for a sun-sentitive mortal, the combination fills me with joy.

Thus, I enjoy my plants year round. I find the indoor plants do better than those outside which require daily watering. Although I remember to water most days, with the scorching and very dry July days, several have perished.


Regular readers will notice I don’t post as often as I did a year or two ago. I try to visit other blogs at least once a week. I want to stay in touch with my blog friends who mean so much to me and good mental health. I am an introvert and find it easy to retreat into my own little world.  So thanks to friends who check up on me from time to time.

Truth is, some days, I don’t stop going. Who knew you could be so busy living.  Partly, this happens because I have taken over many of the tasks David did for years, such as household bill-paying and arranging visits by repair men.  New dietary requirements and pill sorting also take much time.  I made a resolution at New Year’s to make and eat breakfast everyday, and have stuck to it faithfully. Both David and I are in better shape because of this effort.


Who knew houses wore out?  Certainly not me. After a lifetime of moving from pillar to post and back again, then settling into a house for almost 34 years, I have discovered that no matter how much I thought I had anticipated what our needs would be in old age and what could go wrong, I was mistaken.  I often think of my friend Mary with whom I discussed ‘aging-in-place’ before we both retired.  “We want no surprises” she said. I agreed.  We were both wrong.  Fortunately, my SIL will help me with the next big household repair, replacing the roof over the porch.  Stay tuned.IMG_0781

23 thoughts on “A Sunday in July

  1. I think our house could be a problem for Art and me someday with our 21 steps to the 2nd floor. It’s something we’ll have to deal with when the time comes. Those new begonias are really awesome! I’ve never seen anything like it.


  2. I, too, am blogging once a week now. After 7 years I guess I finally burned out.

    Wishing you all the best in this stage of life. Hang in there, you’re doing great! It’s nice to have your SIL helping out with big projects.


  3. There are lots of make it the night before breakfasts ideas that are tasty and good for you.I find I’m more in the mood the night before to make things than first thing in the morning. The cats are lucky I get theirs to them of course they are jumpintifulg on my head then twinning around my legs until nibbles are in the bowls. If you are interested I could send you some recipes . Let me know. Beautiful plant.


  4. I wonder how long you will stay in that 2 story house of yours. With your joint issues, you and David might want to move to a condo.

    Those flowers look very nice. I have just one indoor plant, and it is doing well. I water the outdoor plants frequently and it’s not that troublesome.


  5. Living ..just day to day living. … sure does take an. Ungodly amount of time. I never know where the time goes. My mom had corner shelves units that she called that word you used. I swear my tablet will NOT let me write French! Anyway I can just hear her saying the word, proud that she knew it and proud of her collection of figurines she. Displayed . .memories can be triggered by the oddest little things! Sorry this is such h a mess of a comment. Getting used to a new tablet.


  6. I realized that this house will not suit for me if I have anymore serious issues. Dragging that IV pole around and up the step to the bathroom was hard so we would have to make some changes.. but hopefully I won’t need an IV again soon at home..

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  7. I find not only my thinking but my typing has slowed. It takes me forever to write even a small piece for my blog. Grrrrrr…. I am here everyday checking to see how you and david are? Tho…I too am writing less. Ah, reality.

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  8. Houses wearing out is on my mind a lot lately. We have lived in our house for 35 years. It was 6 years old when we moved in so it’s now over 40 years old. We replaced the roof and painted the exterior last year. $10,000 in work.

    I would love to replace the windows and flooring and paint the interior but will need to build more in our investment accounts before doing so. Also, just the thought of having the work done makes me cringe. Everything will have to be moved and if we replace windows, all of the home security system replaced.

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    • I had my wondows done before I retired. They would look much better if I cleaned them! Otherwise, they are mostly fine, but the house has settled and the earthquake last year cracked the wall in my bedroom so the wall around the wondow frame sticks out. Grrr

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  9. I’m so glad you mentioned eating breakfast every day. To tell the truth, I am sliding out of the habit thinking it is just too much trouble. But you are right and I must get back to it.

    You had mentioned in a post a while back about showering. Well, this morning while we were in the van going through the car wash, I thought how nice it would be to have a people wash. One would sit on a bench that would spray us down, suds us, rinse and blow us dry. Oh well, it was a thought….lol!

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  10. Gorgeous pink, hope it recovers. The heat is getting plants here. Many trees especially distressed. I thought I had found the perfect “grandma” house 16 years ago and it was for long time. The new place is good, still “moving” in and miss the old yard but not the work or paying someone else to care for it. I only just now put out pots of flowers on my patio. Next year I plan to put in cherry tomatoes, sunflowers, and basil in pots.


    • Basil works great if you remember to water it. Mine is almost shot. The Begonia in the photos is doing well. All my house plants look good. The outdoor plants suffer. Would love to see your pots of flowers. Will check it out today.


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