IMG_0496 IMG_0499DIL Wendy posted some lovely photos yesterday of scenes around San Diego, CA.  Daughter Connie, her husband, and two of her daughters, visited son Richard and his family in June. Wendy takes photos with a Nikon camera most of the time, although these look more like cell phone photos.  (There is a difference.)


David planned to mow the lawn today, but alas its raining.  He doesn’t seem very upset by this.  We had two beautiful days of sunny July weather, and I thought today would be more of the same.

Yesterday, the shed was almost dry and I was able to do some yard work.

David squirted vinegar on the weeds growing in the front walkway. The yard smelled like a big salad and lime leached from the driveway where he poured vinegar on the odd bit of crab grass, but the weeds are dead or dying.

The summer fruiting shrubs (Arrowood Viburnum, Choke Cherry) are full of berries and the Catbirds (a Southern Mockingbird) have arrived.

I’m a sight with a cane in one hand, pulling Poke Weed, Virginia Creeper, and Porcelain Berry with the other, or alternatively, hauling the captured rain water from pot to pot.  Johnny follows along, flopping down nearby as I work.  I topple over from time to time and he licks my face.  Poor dog, he’d like to help.

I am mostly successful at rising from the ground even if bruised. However, I tore the Meniscus in my right knee doing this a few years ago resulting in two surgeries, the last one a knee replacement.  Dr. Mac said, “You must have a hell of a garden!”

Well, yes it was a fabulous garden (visitors still think it is), but sadly I am too late wise.  There are so many things I would have done differently had been more knowledeable when I began this garden And, I had many years of practice when I began. Which begs the question, what’s it all about anyway.  We accumulate a lifetime’s worth of knowledge and then are unable to use it.

Well, on to life’s next big adventure.  David is beginning to realize that we won’t be able to stay in this house forever, no matter how much we have senior-proofed it. We looked at some apartments nearby and they were perfect if pricey. The number one consideraion is do they allow dogs? We won’t move anytime soon, but I am a planner and I like to think ahead.

I love the line in Best Marigold Hotel where the couple is touring a flat designed for seniors. Call buttons are located at “strategic” points in each room where you can summon help. “But what if you fall down in the middle of the room?” says the woman client.  My thought exactly.  Hance the call button you wear around your neck.

When there are two of you it helps. We check on each other.  But both of us have spent time on the ground unaided.  David likes to sit on the bench outside and make phone calls, and I try to check on him, but don’t always.  I’m often outside working when he’s not here. He couldn’t get me up anyway. Neither can Johnny.


Son Richard, dughter Connie, Granddaughters Amelia and Rita, San Diego , 2015

IMG_0497 IMG_0495

18 thoughts on “Someday…

  1. Vinegar is kind of a miracle cure isn’t it? Works for a lot of stuff instead of harsh chems.

    Glad your family is having fun … We loved the San Diego area so much (vacations with the kids years and years ago; with the grands years ago; and a little more recently, but still a while ago, just the two of us in our RV travels. Definitely a place we would have loved to live (but hadn’t won the lottery .. it was one of the more expensive places we ever stayed).

    We are thinking ahead about our next move as well. Always changes….

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    • Richard says he regrets he didn’t buy an additional piece of real estate in SD during the great recession. Otherwise, they have a very nice house, suitable for their retirement should they decide to stay there. And you are correct, prices are sky-high.

      Just like here. When we bought our house the neighborhood was on the skids. Today the neighborhood is one of the priciest in the U.S. with the elderly population fighting to hang on.


  2. Your lawn smelling like a salad made me laugh! I had no idea vinegar could be used this way. The visual of Johnny licking your face after a topple is so sweet. Dogs are simply the best, aren’t they? Planning is a great idea at any stage of life. I was never good at it, but my daughter thinks way ahead, ready for just about anything. Beautiful family you have!

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  3. Those granddaughters of yours are absolutely gorgeous! The photos are great and it looks like they’re having a great time.
    We’ve tried to senior proof our house for my mom (and for us actually), but it’s still easy to take a fall any time. I keep telling her to stay off the stairs, but she won’t listen. I’m so glad we installed the grab bars in the bathroom. AND I’m so glad we listened to you and put handrails on both sides of the stairs going to the 2nd floor.


    • Thanks Kay. Amelia, the redhead, completed her Grad degree in science this past May (UVA). She will be teaching high school science this fall. The dark one is a manager at a PetCo. Both are brainy, have nice personalities, and also lovely. Of course, I’m the grandma!


  4. Aging seems to inspire a progression of mutual help measures. We are getting more careful about telling each other where we are going, even if it merely is a trip to the mailbox. No call buttons yet, but that probably will be a next step. Right now, we are being more and more careful to haul a cell phone around in case an emergency call is needed.

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  5. It”s all just lovely…all but your falling. Me, onscooter, rammed my knee at 10mph on a metal door. knee seems to be working. I miss the pool but love all the crazys.

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  6. That is an excellent movie! I want to see the sequel. My mom had a call button and kept setting it off accidentally and having to call and tell them it was a false alarm. Kept her busy. lol


  7. I know two people who fell and had to be lifted up by firemen, as the spouses could not lift them. I keep wondering if that will happen to my husband, as he is the one with severe arthritis and bad knees and hips.


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