Sunday Snippets

Although it could return at any moment, the sun appeared for about one hour then disappeared.  To the north everyone is supposedly having a nice day and to the south all is wet. Washington lies on the line.

In dispair over my sodden garden, I’m not in a humor to do much of anything anyway, but I did manage to pull a few weeds this morning and take two photos with my pathetic excuse for a phone.IMG_0001 IMG_0002

My Asclepias are doing okay in a pot, but would be much fuller if they had received more sun.

Meanwhile, we’ve been eating home-grown vine-ripened tomatoes for two weeks (I planted them in April when it was hot and dry). The two ‘determinate’ patio shrubs are gone.   The indeterminate vine, which will produce all summer is full of tomatoes. All are planted in pots.


You may have noticed I haven’t been around to visit blogs as much as I once was. I’ll try to visit everyone this week, but won’t be around everyday.

David and I have reached the point where we can get about one big thing done per day…one trip to the grocery store, one trip to the doctor, etc. The rest of our time spent with mundane tasks such as taking a shower, fixing a meal or loading the dishwasher. David says and I agree, taking a shower is work.

While he naps, I read. I don’t nap because I feel worse if I do.  He naps as much as the dogs.  They love it because he naps with them. Woof!

Having discovered one of my ancestors was a Cromwell I took an interest in the PBS series and I began reading Wolf Hall by Hillary Mantel.  I’d only ever had a negative attitude toward Thomas Cromwell, but as a writer in the Washington Post,  suggested in a July 4th column ….. history is history and its complex. Yes there are ugly things you’d rather not know, but there are wonderful things too, such as African-Americans, free and slave fought in the Revolution on the colonials side. So don’t throw the baby out with the bath water!!

We haven’t slept well the past few nights. Between Clare barking in the middle of the night, and firecrackers at 2:15, who can sleep?

One good thing about the rain is that the neighbor can’t drag his gas-guzzling power mower out and annoy us every Saturday morning.  He and one guy up the street who uses a riding mower, if you can believe that, are the last vestigages of the old method of lawn care. The rest of us use push or electric mowers. Most people don’t have lawns anyway. The rain has turned the yards into a mini wilderness where wildlife roams and the dogs go nuts at 2:15 AM.

18 thoughts on “Sunday Snippets

  1. You are on Facebook?…… We too are wet. None of my container seeded pots have done a thing… I understand about one thing and yes a shower can be exhausting. As an MS patient, I calculate every day what one thing I can do…


  2. Good for you on the prolific garden! Mine is in such sad shape. 😦 The rains have ruined my first attempt on growing vegetables. So far, one puny cherry tomato and a sad looking bell pepper that hasn’t grown any in the last 3 weeks. Anyway, I understand the decrease in blogging. It takes a lot of time and effort. FB is much easier for me.


  3. I’m catching up with blog friends a bit while Bill naps, so you made me smile in empathy …. I don’t sleep at night if I nap, but I do a lot of resting …. As now, in between getting “re-Oregonized”. Everything takes longer the older I get. I’m sorry the computer screen causes your migraines to be worse. It keeps me awake if I use it in late evenings.

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  4. Your flowers look nice to me, and I’m jealous about your tomatoes — ours are small and green at this point. Our dog is terrified of thunder and firecrackers. She’s been hiding in the corner, or behind the toilet in the bathroom, or most of the last week!

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  5. I have watched the Cromwell show a couple of times and really enjoyed it. I would like to see it from the beginning. How interesting that you have one in your family line. We all have parts of our country’s history that we are not so proud of, but there is so much to be proud of too. As you put it so succinctly, history is history.

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