Happiness is…..

IMG_0485Granddaughter Joy is spreading her wings this summer, working for a nonprofit in Atlanta. Even interns get time off occasionally and apparently she has earned a bit because she posted the photo above this morning.  Our first question was ‘where are you?’  Obviously this is the coast and we’re 99 percent certain its the East coast.  My bet is Georgia, probably one of the Golden sea islands, and probably the east side of Jekyll Island where the sand is packed very hard.  (Correction: spoke with her this evening, it’s Amelia Island GA, eastern shore.)

She’s too busy to confirm anything, but my first thought was not ‘where are you?’ (that was her Mom), but Wow!  How nice to be young and reckless.  Obviously, I am the grandma and we grandma’s know its good to have fun when you’re young.  You can pay for it later with the various aches broken bones leave.  Not that she’ll break anything, but I have broken a couple of things with regard to horses.

My kids still laugh at the memory of me on an Appaloosa https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Appaloosa who had a bad habit of scraping riders off his back by passing under a low tree branch.  He did this to me one day by running under a Pine. I grabbed a low-lying branch and dropped neatly to the ground, my only discomfort caused by the pine tar all over my hands. Another time, he took a sudden V-turn and his saddle slipped, leaving me lying on the ground stunned. I hurt all over, but my only broken bone was a pinkie finger.

Joy is now 21 and able to live her life without much parental guidance.  Girls who can do anything boys can do, have never had it so good.  She’ll graduate next summer with her degree in Agricultural Science and we usually get photos like the one below.


14 thoughts on “Happiness is…..

    • Hi Linda. Yes they are gifts and wonderful too. I only have one daughter, so the four granddaughters are like daughters. Hence my reference to Connie as one of the girls. To me she will always be my child. Currently she’s been going through the empty nest thing as Joy is the baby.

      Re Joy…she is as delightful as her photo suggests. She brightened all our lives and helped us survive some tough times including the death of her biological father. Everyone who meets her loves her. She has one more year of college to finish her undergraduate degree and already has job offers. Now she must choose between grad school and work. Tough choice!


  1. How fun for your granddaughter! The name “Joy” certainly seems to suit her. My best friend recently returned from Turks and Caicos and rode a horse in the sea…in several feet of water. I’ve never had any luck riding horses; had a similar experience that you had with the branches in the face. 😦

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