Lazy Days…

Bill, Connie, Richard, Sen, Jacob and Wendy on the back row.  Rita and amelia sitting in front.

Bill, Connie, Richard, Sean, Jacob and Wendy on the back row. Rita and Amelia sitting in front.  Photo sent via Facebook, June 2015.

Daughter Connie and her family reached San Diego and hooked up with son Richard and his family.  I am really proud of them, they are so beautiful and intelligent and happy.  What could one ask for beyond that?  Well, perhaps that we were all together.  Two of the granddaughters stayed home in Virginia and Georgia. Son John lives in Virginia but did not make the trip.

I wish they had used the good camera they own.  Cell phones are quick and easy and they get the photo to the most people in the shortest time, however.


You know things have reached an annoying place when you are limping around and unable to do much outside in the heat.  A day late and a dollar short, I am avoiding the sun as much as possible, anyway.  I work in my garden before sunrise and after sunset when the mosquitoes are bad.  And, I put mosquito dunks in all the birdbaths and other place with standing water. Dunk info below:

Surgery on the cancerous toe next to my broken aching toe Wednesday. Yes, its cancer again…this is getting boring. Oh well, this is the last one until August when I see the Dermatologist.  The oncologist says this Squamous cell cancer won’t kill me but he knew an 80-year old man who lost half his ear to one.

After the first, July is looking empty, but that’s okay.  It leaves lots of space for David on the calendar.  David and I have done our bit to stimulate the economy.

In July, if I can, I’m going to see the Caillebotte exhibit which opens at the National Gallery today.  Yes, I will manage with the rollator.  I keep it in the back of my car at all times.  What a wonderful invention.  The Red top taxis which we use have large trunks and the drivers help us. The last time I rode in a taxi (with Anne) the driver, a Midddle Eastern fellow, leaned out his window and handed a vet panhandling on the corner $$.  That stuck me as kind, ironic and sad.

Hannah was supposed to visit and go with me to see the exhibit, but I’ve not heard from her in a while.  I’ll get Kathy to go with me if David won’t.  Kathy is always up for a trip into town.


12 thoughts on “Lazy Days…

  1. Glad some of your family could get together. San Diego is a favorite location of mine where we frequently went, especially years ago when we lived in AZ. So Cal is really feeling the effects of drought as we adjust by reducing our water usage. Re your earlier posts — coping with med issues you described is no fun but sounds like you’re doing what we all must, –trying to make the best of our situation.


  2. We were told not to use BT in bird baths no matter what is claimed as far as presumed safety as it is important to have fresh water in them and no mosquitoes will develop in a birdbath rinsed out everyday as they should be. Then no birds will be exposed at least in the baths that is.

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    • I’ve used BT for years with no ill effects I can see. The Israelies developed it, and USDA approved it, so it’s got to be good.

      During dry spells, I fill the bird baths with rain water we’ve harvested. I’m more afraid of West Nile for the humans and heart worm disease for the animals, both mosquito born diseases, than anything else.

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    • John is still teaching, English as a second language in SW Virginia. He works with immigrant kids. He bought a home recently and now is spending his time, effort and money on his home. He lives near his fathers family in NC.


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